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  1. Ok so I've been looking for a shotgun and I am very interested in the American Benelli M2 but, I have looked at the Benelli Supernova in the past and im having trouble deciding pump or auto? What are your opinions? And bear in mind I will be using this gun for all types of wing shooting (Dove, Duck, Geese, Pheasant).
  2. Does it have about the same recoil as the one with comfort tech? How much is Dicks offering them for?
  3. Hey guys I have been looking into getting a semi auto shotgun for awhile now, and have been doing a lot of research on them. I was just wondering about the M2 American and if it is just the M2 with the comfort tech stock? Or if there is more to it than that? I would like to get just a regular M2 but if i cant find a used one then the American is in my price range. Also if you know any websites to look on that I might be able to find a used one would be great.
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