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  1. frank thanks for the offer but i need the one pictured to put back on my m1. i did however do a deal with GENELEO so this thread can be locked down.
  2. here ya go sorry i am late in getting it posted. again its a standard adjustable m1 stock. i would like the non adjustable with the cut for the sling plate. thanks geneleo i will check out your pm tomorrow. i am beat and going to bed. again thanks all.
  3. like title says. i need a stock for my beretta 1201fp. presently i have my m1 stock on it from my other gun. i would prefer used but not abused. non adjustable is what i need and also with the cut for the sling that slides through the stock. sorry i dont know the more technical terms. lollol thanks tommy email best way to reach me tenglandii @ aol.com
  4. http://www.gunpartscorp.com/ with regard to the rust on the barrel get some steel wool but not fine like 0000 you want 0 of so. then spray it with some type of rem oil or other good oil to get it "wet" then rub the barrel. the rust rubs off. if you look really close you will see the minor minor pitting once done but you have to be looking for it. chances are its from blood. i know when i get dove blood on my gun and it sits after the season i have rust on the barrel but the steel wool and oil cleans it up nicely.
  5. the same thing happened to me this year after 15 years of faithful service. i too never noticed the sound then when i decided to take the bolt apart and thoroughly clean the clinking sound started. i checked here and found the same thing you found...normal. but for the life of me in never heard that clinking even when new.
  6. try here http://www.lisc.net/p377.htm for a non adjustable it looks like 79 bucks
  7. just remember i am a little biased. lollol when you shoot 1000-1750 rounds in 6 weeks problem free you tend to be little giddy. good luck
  8. HK used to import the Benellis before (i beleive) Beretta bought them. i have a hk marked m1 and love it. an HK marked gun will be an older model. i have had mine m1 for 14 years and use it only for dove hunting in texas. i shoot between 5 and 8 cases of shells during the corse of 6 weeks for the last 14 yrs. . it is and has been problem free up to now. i do think i am going to buy a new recoil spring and mabye a spare firing pin and spring. you can see i have been a member here since 2005 but i really just got back on the board last week looking for info for the parts. btw i shoot re
  9. might want to call angle porting. they did some hop up work on my m1 and i use there extended chokes with the factory threading. they do A+ work and service. but since i am a newb i cant post the link.lol angleport dot com will get you there.
  10. i am new too. welcome from the land of oil. so you have doves in saudi? what species. we have mouring and whitewings here in texas. matter of fact had some magnificent hunts opening weekend. Sept 1 Welcome.
  11. Hello all. i am new to the forum however i own 2 benelli's. a m1 i bought in '94 and super black eagle i bought 2 years ago. love the guns. i mainly upland hunt, dove mainly in texas. one question i have on my super black eagle is has anyone else had problems with point of impact. my gun shoots prolly a foot high and a foot left from 50 ft. good i suppose if you like to shoot around corners i talked to ballistic specialties and they say the see the problem frequently. anybody else?
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