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  1. ChrisAK

    M4 Optics

    I am considering a few different optic options for an M4. Has anyone had any experience with the Meprolight (tritium) reflex sight? These seem interesting. I have an Eotech 512 but put that on my AR, because it seems too big for the shotgun. I want something a little smaller. What are you guys using?
  2. ChrisAK


    A local shop up here in Anchorage just got a couple of these in. Any thoughts? Pros/Cons? Some of the after-market configurations I have seen on other Saiga models look evil!
  3. Question: Are the factory Benelli ghost ring night sights tritium or some other "luminous" material? the reason that ask is that the ones that came with my M4 only have a VERY weak glow in the dark, but get ridiculously bright when I shine a flashlight on them for a few seconds. Is this normal? Did I simply get a really old set of tritium sights? It is my understanding that tritium does not need to be exposed to any degree of ambient light or immediate charging light in order to glow. Other materials/sights do... Can anyone enlighten me on this stuff?
  4. ChrisAK


    I did not notice any loc-tite, except for some residue that could have been a dab to keep the sight straight on the bottom of the sight itself. I tried placing a thin slice of electrical tape on the inside of the wrench, but this did not work. I also tried a thin latex glove, but the wrench ripped though it and caught the metal anyway. The other aspect of this that is annoying is that it is very difficult to get the front sight/guard straight while trying to tighten the nut. I called Benelli today to ask them if they had a special tool to install the sights and they do not. They gave me no help in suggesting a way to properly install these. Additionally, they said that it will probably be up to 60 days to get any more of the nuts I need, which is absurd. Naturally, the gun shop that ruined them in the first place does not have any extras. They also have to order them from Benelli, so it is pointless to bother with them. Is the only way to get this thing done right ("factory right") is to send the barrel back to Benelli?? That also seems extreme, but they obviously have a method of perfectly installing these things.
  5. ChrisAK


    At the risk of sounding too neurotic, I'll ask all of you a straight forward question: I have the 5.5mm front sight tool, and have some spare nuts on backorder (possibly 60 days out!!)...when they arrive, how do I install them on my M2 and M4 without damaging the finish on the retaining nuts??? Clearly, Benelli has the ability to install these without even the slightest evidence of a tool being used, as there is no metal on metal markings, scuffs or rounded edges. How do they achieve this? Coat the tool in latex?? The local "Benelli Approved" gunsmith apparently has no idea as to how this is done since he literally ruined my original nut. Any experts out there with some experience in this department? Thanks, Chris
  6. I purchased a couple of the Daves Metal Works charging handles for my M2 and M4 shotguns. They only fit the M2, although they are supposed to be for both. Has anyone else noticed this on their M4's? The GG&G handle does fit the M4 although I am partial to Daves...
  7. So I took my M4 into a local gun shop today to get my tritium sights put on (since iI can't seem to find a small enough tool to remove the front sight nut)...and naturally, they did a number on the part in question. It looks thrashed. So where is the best place to order a couple of these nuts (part 113J) as a replacement?? I'm hoping that it is not going to be a three month wait to get these from Benelli... Thanks, Chris
  8. Has anyone here ever had a factory new, never shot M4 stock come out of the box loose? I just noticed that mine was off center from the trigger guard, so I twisted it back the other way. I can move it from side to side by just tapping the pistol grip with a moderate amount of force. Surely this is not normal. Is it simply a matter of some minor adjustment, or are there other parts inside the stock/receiver that may have a problem? -Chris
  9. I am trying to figure out which lights will be best for my M2 and M4. I originally bought a Surefire 6P Defender for the M4, but have chosen to mount that on my new Stag AR-15. For the M2, I purchased the Mesa Tactical small rail that mounts on their barrel clamp. I am leaning toward a Streamlight TLR-1 or something similar (Surefire X200/300??) since I want something smaller up front. One plus is that I can also put them on my Glocks or XD's as well, but the primary function will be a shotgun light. I am not sure about the Surefire fore-end. Can these smaller lights handle the recoil from a shotgun? Are they adequate for home defense in terms of lighting etc.? Any problems or experience with these? This is the last item I am going to add to the shotgun so i want it to be the right choice. As always the options are overwhelming. Any advice/thoughts? Thanks, Chris
  10. Here is another question: What is the EXACT tool needed to replace the front site? A 3/16 wrench? I do not want to round the edges out. Apparently, I do not own any tools small enough to do this so I figured I'd ask. Thanks, Chris
  11. I purchased a set of the Meprolight night sights for my M2 and M4. Quick question: Do I only need to unscrew the one larger screw on the right side of the (rear) ghost ring mount to remove/replace or do I need to take the entire thing off? The front one looks straight forward. Thanks
  12. Where were you a few days ago? I spent WAY more than that on another factory tube from Gunbroker. I could have bought a bunch of other stuff with the difference...
  13. I bought a one piece tube from Tactical Shotgunner, but it is a pain in the ass to install. I do not own a strap wrench, heat gun, have never used loctite etc. and am also worried I might accidentally damage the gun...In the meantime, I'll use the factory extension. At least I'll have both.
  14. I just purchased a Benelli factory +2 tube extension from Gunbroker. They are only going to become harder to find, plus more expensive. I can't imagine paying more than I had to for the one I bought. Oh, well...it will be a nice shotgun setup when it all comes together!
  15. Out of the several options out there, which 2 shot tube extensions for the M4 are you guys happy with in terms of function, quality and look? Nordic? Daves Metal Works? Tacstar? Thanks, Chris
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