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  1. Bottom line is I want an M2 tactical but with the look of a supersport. There's much more than the carbon fiber that gives the supersport a unique look (other chrome/silver-looking parts).So could'nt I get a SSport and have the barrel cut to tactical length (18.5")? I know its unconventional, but...
  2. Looking at rail-mounted laser/light units for an M2 and came across the Insight M6X. I'm looking for the highest lumen output model for HD use and this seems to fit the bill. Any feedback from buyers on this unit or any others that I should be looking at?
  3. What vendor did you obtain the 21" barrel from? I'm looking for one and have had no luck finding one...
  4. Definitely missed that part. I guess my main objective is to buy a "non-tactical looking" model to serve as a home defense unit. My rationale being legal considerations in the event of an incident (e.g., not having an "evil" appearance in the public eye).So, I'm having a hard time finding a 12g semi-auto with lowest recoil possible. I'm considering the beretta urika 2 w/kick-ff, but of course it's not offered in the wood stock. Any suggestions on the lowest-recoil option between the non-synthetic M2, SuperSport, or Urika2? Only considering beretta/benelli...
  5. I'm looking at the M2 field version in walnut, but it's not offered in comfortech (only synthetic version). What is the difficulty in installing the comfortech pad in a walnut stock? Am I missing something or is this just a recoil pad? Would this be something that I could reasonably get retrofitted aftermarket?
  6. Wait, I need some clarification here on shortening barrels to home-defense lengths. The M2, for example, comes in a wood stock "field" version. Why couldn't the barrel be reduced to 18-22" just like the synthetic "tactical" version? Why couldn't the other models have barrels reduced in the same light?
  7. Interested in the Super Sport (Carbon Fiber 12g) for clays but also HD (hear me out!). I'm looking for a "non-tactical" look and have some questions: 1:Will this model reliably cycle a wide range of loads, particularly lighter loads (non-slug)? 2:Are 18-19" barrels available and feasible for this model? 3:Any thoughts on how light the recoil is compared to other 12g benelli semi-autos? 4:Are there other "non-tactical" looking benelli semi-autos that would be a better fit for these issues? Newb here, any feedback appreciated.
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