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  1. ISDP, No, sorry, I bought the gun originally to shot 3-gun and then shot it a bit on the Trap ranges. BTW it is 6 December 2008 and I still do not yet have the 28" barrel.
  2. Two things, one the barrel, if it ever comes will come with out chokes. Two, it was ordered the week of the 14th of August and I am still waiting for it. Now, to be fair, my card has not been charged nor will it be until it it shipped. Last time I checked they said three to six MONTHS. Not really very quick, but the only game in town.
  3. In the Benelli inertia system (1) the shell is fired and recoil begins, (2) the gun backs up in recoil (3) while heavy bolt carrier, due to its inertia, remains momentarily in place. (4) The bolt head is locked into the barrel by a rotating cam recoils with the gun, and backs into the momentarily motionless bolt carrier. (5) This action compresses a heavy spring between the bolt and the bolt carrier. (6) When the bolt carrier begins to move the compressed spring propels it backwards towards the butt of the shotgun, (7) The bolt carrier compresses the recoil spring, (8) while extracting and ejecting the fired shell (9) then the recoil spring sends the bolt carrier and bolt forward again, (10) lifting the next shell into position to be fed into the chamber, (12) their inertia drive the new shell fully into the chamber and the bolt head stops moving forward (13)the bolt carrier body continuing forward, due to its remaining inertia, rotates the bolt about its long axis by the cam, turning the locking lugs into engagement with the barrel/barrel extension. I forgot to mention that the hammer was cocked and the trigger reset during the extraction, ejection part of this movie. Too much weight on the gun, which has to move sharply to compress the spring between the bolt and the bolt carrier, retard the velocity enough to prevent the heavy spring to be compressed sufficiently to store enough energy to propel it back and do all that I described above after the compression. Does this describe it well?
  4. Joe, Thanks, I understand that the $549 price does not include the forearm. The price seems inordinately high, I can buy a high end rifle barrel for a Palma rifle for less!
  5. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sawed-off_shotgun#Legal_issues "In the United States, it is illegal for a private citizen to possess a sawed-off modern smokeless powder shotgun (a barrel length less than 18 in. or 46 cm and an overall length less than 26 inches) without a tax-stamped permit from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, which requires an extensive background check and a $200.00 fee for every transfer. (Short-barreled blackpowder shotguns, in contrast, are not illegal, by federal law, and require no tax-stamped permit, although they may be illegal under state law.) A new tax stamp must be purchased with every transfer of a modern smokeless powder short-barrelled shotgun, and transfers must be made through a Class III Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer. (See National Firearms Act.)" None the less it is possible to make a SBS with a barrel shorter than 18", or in a manner I do not quite understand, an AOW (Any other Weapon $5.00 tax)
  6. You can get a 18.5" barrel with chokes from Impact guns for $335. http://www.joessportinggoods.us/2950.html has a rifled 24" for $549, which I believe includes the special forearm required for the slug barrel.
  7. Exactly the information I was hoping for! Thanks!!
  8. My M2 has the same symptoms and practicing loading eight at a whack several hundred times has not really lowered the effort it takes. What has happened is that my hand is stronger!
  9. Nordic Components has springs and extensions tubes. 320-234-6015
  10. Mudhen, Will this barrel come with multiple chokes, with one or none?
  11. Mudhen, Thanks, if the pattern is too low do I want more or less drop to correct it? If, as I suspect, I am missing to the left do I want to cast on or off to move the pattern to the right? Thanks again for you response.
  12. Hogwild, Maybe I should restate my question. In fitting the stock to me, how do I determine which way to move the pattern and which shims will move it that direction. I understand that choke effectiveness is measured in a 30" circle and that counting the number of shot in each segment 1A through 4D will tell me if the barrel is evenly distributing the shot in the pattern. My question is how do I fit the gun to me?
  13. I bought an M2 with a 21" barrel last winter, and I thought I would shoot some trap with it. My shotgunning background is about zero, having maybe shot 600-700 rounds in my entire 58 years. Posted here asking after 28" barrels and then found that Impact Guns has them for $400, plus shipping. I understand how to use the shim system, that is where to put parts 6 and 7. What I would like to have explained is how to determine what I need to do. How do you check to see what adjustment is required? Then which shims move the adjustments which way?
  14. I posted a question concerning the availability of M2 barrels, and checked several times over a period of about two weeks or more. Not one response. On another forum I discover that a 28" barrel in matte finish is available from Impact guns. I posted that information to my own question. As a moderator on other shooting related sites it has always been understood that a new poster with a question should not be ignored. Now, as a new to trap, new to shotgunning shooter, what do you think is the reason people do not repeat post?
  15. I found one at Impact Guns for $413 shipped. If anyone else is looking, the google Impact guns.
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