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  1. I got a replacement barrel. Is the damaged one of any value? If so I'd like to recover a little of the cost of the replacement. Still has good gas pistons, front sight and sling mount. If anyone has any use for it, make an offer. Otherwise I'll just hang it up on my shop wall as a reminder...
  2. I posted earlier about Federal Home Defense loads I had purchased several years ago for my home shotgun. I was at work at the time and quoting from memory. I just looked at them and here's the actual scoop. They are Federal Premium Personal Defense Low Recoil loads. 1-1/4 oz of #2 shot. They come in boxes of 10 and the part number is PD12-2. "FEDERAL Premium PERSONAL DEFENSE" is printed on each shell. For me, I feel better using ammo that was marketed expressly for personal defense should I ever have to use it. One less thing for a crazy criminal defense lawyer to try to pin on me, u
  3. Several years ago I purchased a couple boxes of Federal Home Defense loads. Actually said that on the box and on each hull. I believe it's loaded with #4 shot. I really liked the fact that it was marketed by a major ammunition manufacturer for "home defense" use. If I ever do find myself in a need to use them, there should be no accusations that I used inappropriate ammo. Don't know of Federal still sells this load.
  4. I understand. Just to prove I wasn't imagining it, I went searching to see if I could find the segment on the net somewhere. Guns and Ammo TV does "torture tests" of various firearms, and it was one of those. G&A desn't have it online, but I found it mentioned here. Scroll almost to the bottom and look for a post from "LtBlue425". http://www.odcmp.org/new_forum/topic.asp?ARCHIVE=true&TOPIC_ID=40336 The G&A guys just gushed over how it withstood the punishment with no damage apparent. (shrugging shoulders)
  5. Devin1955


    Last couple times I shot trap I used my M4 with a full choke tube. Got a few looks, but I scored right up there with the rest of the guys.
  6. I get the message, and it's as I expected. Can anyone explain to me though how my situation was apparently so much worse, judging from the results, than what they did on the TV show? That baffles me. Also, does anyone know of a source for a replacement that would be less expensive than the $595 I found. Doesn't need to be new. Thanks.
  7. Peice of cake, they even supply the wrench. One word of advice though, clean the threads up with a degreaser and use some blue or red locktite on the new screws. My 8 rounder came loose a couple times until I did that. I might not have cinched the screws up enough, but I was worried about little screws stripping the aluminum threads.
  8. I'm pretty sure the answer is no, but no harm in asking I figured. I was shooting a shotgun stage in my clubs 3-gun match when I thought I had a misfire. Cycled the gun and continued to finish the stage. After I was all done and packing up my gun to head home, I noticed the bulge in the barrel. Is there any way to repair this or is it simply time for a new barrel? Yes, I was shooting my own reloads. I'm not inexperienced at this however, having reloaded my own shotgun ammo since 1969. This is the first time this has happened. I'm still a bit baffled by the circumstances though
  9. Super M4: Where can I get info on that rail system I see in the pic of your M4? -Don
  10. Midway sells the Mesa sidesaddles. I bought mine there. -Don
  11. I've used my M4 on the trap range several times. Go with a full choke tube definitely. I usually score a couple less hits than I do with my over-under and it's more fun! It never fails to get attention. I think people are shocked that I'm beating them with a gun so obviously ill-equipped for shooting trap. -Don
  12. Any reason you took it off that we should know about? I have an 8 rounder on order.
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