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  1. I have searched youtube , I found the disassembly of regular & PG stock but nothing for collapsible stock
  2. i'd like to but i'm not in us
  3. can someone help me with disassemble supernova with collapsible stock ? if it possible with video in youtube or any where else i will be very grateful
  4. it looks very hot .......... is this the new mesa ? i think i will order one
  5. MAKO

    m6x vs tlr-2

    What Tactical light Should I Buy TLR-2 or M6X for SNT ?
  6. AmicusCuriae can you Post a Picture of your supernova with the nordic mag extension
  7. MAKO

    Tactical setup

    can anyone Post a clear Picture of a supernova tactical with +2 nordic mag extension like thes one i know thes one is TacStar mag extension but i want to see both of them so i can decide which one should i order
  8. MAKO

    Tactical setup

    M1014 ..... Nice piece ... for both hunting & HD NEWGUNNER ... very nice job , what do you think about the shot carrier is it important doesn't affect the balance? & what is you review about Mesa Tactical shot carrier ?
  9. MAKO

    Tactical setup

    eggman240 Very nice shottie very good condition it looks like new ..... how is the tacstar extension with 00 , i've heard people complaining about it
  10. MAKO

    Tactical setup

    Post pictures of your tactical shotguns and (or) speak about your tactical setup for it don't be shy show us your's
  11. check this out , i think you will change your mind because it looks ugly http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2009/09/15/dsei-09-benelli-nova-short-barreled-shotgun/
  12. I hope someone help me as soon as possible please just tybe the websitethat that you ordered yours from
  13. I'm looking for the +2 which actually +3 with 2 3/4" (for 12 gauge)
  14. Can anyone tell me a dealer who have a websitethat has the +2 mag extension made by benelli for Supernovas IN STOCK ?
  15. I believe that the laser is important in emergency ، When you are very nerves and in big hurry and you want to be accurate Even Before shouldering the gun
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