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  1. Thanks for the replies. You guys are right about "home defence" being a broad term. I guess, I am looking for a good, all-round 00 buck, that will be the best choice for any situation. Most likely, the round will be used in my home, for the above scenero, but I also often carry a long arm in the trunk of my car, so its possible, it could be deployed in an out-of-home scenero. I carry a handgun at all times, but as we all know, a shotgun or rifle is a better choice for combat, although less convienant or practical for daily carry. - I will definately look at the federal tactical low reco
  2. Hi guys, I am new to this forum, but have been a long time gun owner and member of many other forums. Basically I am trying to learn more about combat shotguns, and just purchased my first Benelli, its an older Hk M1 S90. First of all, I fired several types of buckshot, and steel shot rounds through this weapon over the weekend, and they all fired fine. Even the low recoil stuff worked great. So my question is, what do you use for home defence/combat rounds in your shotgun and why? I am looking for an affordable, 00 buck with lower recoil. Also, I seem to have 3 chokes with
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