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  1. If 20 times is all that you have shot it I would say you just need to shoot more. Somewhere in the manual it talks about breaking the gun in with some heavy shells. I don't necessarily know that you need heavy loads, but when I first got my M2 it would do similar things as to what you are describing. I took it to the range, put a bit of oil in it, and went through a few rounds of skeet and all was well. That isn't to say the gun might not have a real issue, but I would put a few more rounds through before calling Benelli CS.
  2. If you are looking at the parts manual it is part number 132G. Looks like a split washer but it is part of a cylinder. Small and black so super easy to find in a dark basement The manual if you don't have it already: ftp://ftp.benelli.it/Public/UM_SPL/G0191801.PDF
  3. Well it was certainly not designed to not shoot But in all seriousness it can be a very frustrating problem, the thing I would say is to make sure that the grooves in the "barrel extension" that the bolt rotates into are very clean and you lube the bolt and rails well. I have gotten into the habit of checking if the bolt was fully rotated if I don't release from a full stroke, and just tap on the bolt handle if it isn't all the way in.
  4. Is the M2 fitted with a slug (rifled) barrel? I didn't see where you mentioned that. You mentioned the key-holing and the winchester dual bonds that I have seen were sabot slugs so I thought I would just cover all the bases. Anyway I have shot a few slugs from my M2 (12 ga) and got decent performance from Remington's Buckhammer slugs. I have a smooth barrel and a rifled choke tube.
  5. Well with carriercomp making top quality stuff you guys are still screwed Agent: "Your M4 does not comply with 922®" You: "No way, I have replaced all these parts, look at that mag tube!" Agent: "Yeah, that is way too good to be American made..." You: *sigh...
  6. THERE IT IS I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt by assuming you weren't talking about the brightly colored extended versions...
  7. How old is the gun? If it is an older gun you might clean the recoil tube/replace the spring so it has more power throwing the bolt carrier forward. Otherwise, or in any case always, make sure the rails inside the receiver are clean and lubed and make sure the grooves on the "barrel extension" are clean and lubed.
  8. I looked through my e-mail and the interesting part is I don't see the first time I sent them an e-mail...so I might have just used the form here: http://www.benelliusa.com/support/contact.php (click on the state to get a form)
  9. I e-mailed them and got a response pretty quickly. So I'd say shoot them an e-mail and see what happens.
  10. agm65ccip

    m4 or m2

    Since you say it is mostly for HD I'd say the m4 is more suited to that task. Not that the M2 couldn't handle it but if you were talking a field version that 28" barrel is a bit long unless you are going to be sitting in your HD plan. As far as the tubes, the M2 has several extensions available, that should be no issue. If you went with the M4 it would be easy to throw a proper length dowel rod in the magazine tube to bring you into compliance.
  11. Call/e-mail benelli CS and explain what you just told us (with more detail and part numbers) and they might just send you some. A while back I noticed the threaded end of my recoil tube was getting stripped (or had been put on wrong) and so I e-mailed them and asked how much something like that would cost, and the CS rep just asked for my address to mail it to me.
  12. Yes she is serious, look at the rib on the gun. It starts out high toward you and then is down to nothing at the bead. Think about what would happen if the rib was level...the barrel would be angled up slightly. Now take a look at your favorite Remington or whatever, the rib is probably pretty close to the same height start to finish. So your choices are pretty much the following: change the shims, aim differently, make the front sight higher, or get a different gun. Not trying to be a jerk but that is pretty much the size of it. Personally, I adjusted to aiming a little lower, wasn't that difficult for me but if that is the way you have been shooting forever I can understand how it would be hard to change gears.
  13. I think they would, I seem to recall another member here having a similar issue and Benelli took it back and returned the gun in better order. That said it did take them a few weeks if I remember right. Either way it would not hurt anything if you called/emailed customer support and see what they had to say.
  14. I don't think he was saying they don't work. That police and swat use beanbag/teargas and other low power rounds that it would be difficult to build an auto with enough range to handle at the same time as high-power rounds. But if you wanted to use examples the military prefers semi-auto rifles, semi-auto pistols, and semi-auto shotguns what does that tell you They are really cheap, make them the same price as autos and I think the numbers would level out. Agreed.
  15. I agree with tim on this one, it is completely up to your preference/experience. That said I prefer semi-autos above all else. I have an M2 and I can count the number of malfunctions outside of the initial break in on one hand. Also I think it helps me "concentrate" more on shooting than on thinking "hmm I'm pretty sure I didn't short stroke...I guess we'll see..." Plus I'm an engineer so the "how" a semi auto works is interesting to me
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