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  1. Not a stupid idea, but I already posted that other people have had the same problem shooting this gun.
  2. So what I am hearing is that the middle bead serves no purpose? And if someone else were to shoot a differnt Vinci while lining up the middle bead with the front sight it would also shoot left? Doesn't make any sense to me. I'm not worried so much about wing shooting. It is the resting turkey shot that I'm concerned about. That is a time that you DO have to AIM a shotgun. How am I suppoed to aim it if the sights don't tell me where the gun will shoot? I've shot pleanty of other shotguns with a middle and front bead without a problem and without an optic. How would I check for a bent barrel or one that is not seated correctly?
  3. Thanks for your feedback. I understand the reasoning for first blaming the shooter, and/or gun fit. I just don't think that is the problem. To be sure it wasn't my form I've shot the gun off a rest designed for rifles that keeps it perfectly square (no canting). FYI its a Caldwell Lead Sled. Next time I go out I'll take a level just to be sure. I placed my head over the stock and lined up the middle bead and front sight, just to see if things lined up, and I had the same problem that I was finding with my typical standing form. Up and left. I know that is not how you normally shoot a shotgun, but if the problem continues when the human factor is minimized then it is probably a gun problem. I refuse to believe it could be anticipation of recoil, again it is on a heavy rest, becuase in the same sitting I have shot much better with guns that kick harder. I'm squeezing the trigger and when the gun is on the rest I feel no recoil. It's not that the Vinci is inconnsistant, it is very consistantly off target to the left.
  4. Earlier this fall I became the happy new owner of a new Vinci. I would like everything about the gun, except that it doesn't shoot where I aim it. I've heard several people say their Benelli shoots high, which this gun does even with the thickest shim installed. I'm used to shotguns shooting high, and I actually prefer to see the target over the barrel anyway, but what I can't deal with is that my Vinci shoots too far left. I'm talking almost 12 inches left of where I am aiming at 40 yards, which makes it damn near impossible to hit a turkey with an x-full choke. Now it's not just me, others have shot it and found the same problem. More importantly the Vinci has a middle bead, and even when aligned with the front sight from a rest it is still off. Anyone have this problem or know what would cause it? I've tried different chokes, and different brands of chokes with the same results. Like I said, I like the gun, but if it won't get the job done without a scope I won't be happy. Would Benelli take a look at this through warranty? I am the original owner.
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