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  1. Sleepydoc, our friend mudhen sent me the exact same response when I detailed problems I was having with my SBEII. I believe he just pastes the same message to everyone that outlines any concerns they have regarding this particular shotgun. I guess he is a ral fan of Benelli but really, it is not very productive to see this kind of stuff when the rest of us are trying to get honest feedback from each other regarding these products. Now as for your concerns, I too had a list of problems, most of which had to do with recoil and choke tubes etc. I think you have probably ween my post. However
  2. OK, I was suprised and embarrassed that Benelli was so absolutely concerned about the problem when they called me back. They are paying for all of the fixes and I am greatful. So, although I am "not" a liberal, I feel like I should be one right now. Sorry about the rant. And... thank you Benelli.
  3. Tucker, I thank you for the use of your "moniker" today! It is really very funny when you think about it. I got some great laughs at the office today so thanks for that much anyway. By the way, I have maned-up on the Benelli and will keep it. I hope that I can develop the shoulder you have soon so that I can continue to shoot this thing for a long while. Sorry if I was too defensive in my earlier reponses, I di dnot mean to insult for just kidding around with me.
  4. hattles, your right! it was a bit of a rant wasn't it. I guess my inexperience with shotguns really shined through on that and I have since toned down the original post since Benelli was so decent to me when they called. I'm going to stick with this thing and do the things that Benelli suggested. I really kind of got into this whole shotgun thing kind of late in life so I reallyt do not know some of the things that may be obvious to all of you whom have had exposure to guns all of your lives. But I'm trying... thanks for your patience. Sincerely
  5. Thanks,jed1894! I appreciate your response. Actually, Benelli contacted me and offered to provide me with a different recoil pad and also provide me with marked choke tube containers and all for "no charge". I was really surprised that they would do such a thing. Additionally they gave me some very good information on adjusting the gun for a better fit and even more information on loads etc. And... they agree with you, the gun will eventually take very light loads once broken in well. I can't wait to get this thing just the way I want it so thanks for your advice to stay with it. Everybody els
  6. Tucker301, thankyou for contributing but considering your moniker regarding your Uncke Jack and the horse, I would say your definitely not qualified to comment on any thing I say. Please stcik with the other 5th graders and let the adults speak here. Good boy!
  7. Thank you for your reply but the ones that come with the gun have no such markings. They are etched very faintly on the side but with no ink or color of any kind. If you see a later post, someone suggested using perm majic marker and it actually worked well. However, it really could have been marked clearer. Thanks for your reply though.
  8. Thanks, no I have very little experience with a shotgun. I will get the limbsaver and let you know. The perment marker actually worked great! Thanks for the idea. As for the other comentary, well perhaps it was well deserved but I was being sincere and thought that I would get more sincere responses, although I thankyou for 80% of yours. Sincerely
  9. Benelli has corrected all of the problems I had with this shotgun at "their" expense. I am happy and sorry to have hit them with the harsh commentary in the original post. I stand corrected regarding this company, they are absolutely customer oriented and sincerely concerned about their customers concerns.
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