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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone. I'm new here. Not new to shotgunning (35 years exp.) but new to Benelli. I have a problem. A crooked rear ghost ring. Not the mount, but rather the ring itself. Right side of ring sets higher than the left. (as you face it during normal aiming) It's under spring tension as I can push it downward.. What you guys think? It is a brand new weapon. Faulty install or faulty manufacturing? I shot out a email to Benelli C.S. (pun) I figure there are some very savy shooters on here though that may have seen or heard of this. Any & all remarks are welcome. 18.5 Tactical w pistol grip, Ghost ring sights. Thank you.
  2. Just wanted to give credit where it is due. A few weeks ago I attempted to remove the recoil spring (finally) from my M4, only to find it would not come out. The threaded plug was stuck in there somehow. Trying to be gentle got me nowhere. I didn't want to take a chance on stripping the threads out of the recoil tube, so I called Benelli. They said to send it to them and they will check it out. A couple weeks later (thanks to Hurricane Sandy), I got a call from one of the gunsmiths. He asked a couple questions, and then had it fixed that afternoon and sent the frame back. I now have my M4 receiver back and it is better than new (literally). Love Benelli! Way to go guys.
  3. I have called and "held" waiting for a customer service rep to pick up, and I have left multiple voice messages. Does anyone know the best way to contact the parts department to order a replacement part?
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