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  1. Just wanted to give credit where it is due. A few weeks ago I attempted to remove the recoil spring (finally) from my M4, only to find it would not come out. The threaded plug was stuck in there somehow. Trying to be gentle got me nowhere. I didn't want to take a chance on stripping the threads out of the recoil tube, so I called Benelli. They said to send it to them and they will check it out. A couple weeks later (thanks to Hurricane Sandy), I got a call from one of the gunsmiths. He asked a couple questions, and then had it fixed that afternoon and sent the frame back. I now have my M4 receiver back and it is better than new (literally). Love Benelli! Way to go guys.
  2. Thanks. Yeah, this has always been one of my favorite topics
  3. Wouldn't a KZ charging handle take care of that as well? It's made in USA as far as I understand it.
  4. Hey all, I've been out of the loop a while. In regard to the Surefire rails, are they still fitting funky, or has that issue gone away? The Surefire IMO is the simplest way to get a little rail space on the M4 without a lot of added weight.
  5. Thanks fellas. I'll likely try one or more of these techniques until the thing is clean. Good suggestions.
  6. OK, pride-swallowing time. I have an M4 with (what I am assuming to be) lead built up inside the bore. I have tried everything to get that crap out. Yes, I have actual lead remover, and I have used mops, nylon brushes, bronze brushes, and patches to get that stuff out of there (I followed the instructions to a t). Crap is still in there, and thick. All I have been shooting is #7 bird, 00 buck and some rifled slugs. PLEASE, give this apparent amateur some guidance on getting that crap out. Thanks!
  7. All, I got the stuff last night and broke one open. Just a typical cardboard buffer and the shot is LEAD. I was able to cut one in half with my pliers. So, the lesson to me is, believe half of what you see and none of what you hear (on the internet). Steel shot my a**. Thanks guys.
  8. Yep. As soon as I receive the stuff the first thing I'll do is break one open. I'll also try to report back on patterning. I have zero experience with this stuff, and can't find a report anywhere on the web.
  9. Here's the link the ammo: http://www.midwayusa.com/Eproductpage.Exe/showproduct?saleitemid=857119 The description does not say steel, but word around the campfire is that it is, indeed, steel. Therefore, I am operating under that assumption to be safe. Thanks for your interest in this.
  10. All, Situation: M4 11707 with factory modified choke. Steel OO Buckshot (that Winchester MG stuff). Is there any risk of damage if this stuff is fired through the M4 with the above configuration? I can't see why, but I only have experience with steel bird shot, so I want to make sure pushing those big OO buck babies through won't cause any harm. Not worried about patterning in this question. Just potential for damage. Thanks!
  11. This forum's been a wealth of info to me. The debates are more entertaining than Leno. There are members of this group that know more about shotguns than I will ever know, and usually you get no BS answers to important questions, something that you take a shot in the dark at when dealing with most CS departments. Score one for the forum
  12. LouDiamiond originally posted this source, and after a bit of research, I bought it here: http://www.greygrouptraining.biz/Blue_Force_Gear_Vickers_Combat_Applications_Sling_p/vcas.htm Had no problems with the transaction. There are other sites to get it from for about the same price. I chose the black one, which turns out to be a sort of muted black (if that makes sense), so it blends nicely with the rest of the M4.
  13. I will add a positive note for the Vickers. I was all set to buy a Specter Gear (I have had them in the past and liked them), and on a whim went with the Vickers to try. I like the Vickers particularly on the Benelli *because* it's a 2-point sling, very simple, yet you can manipulate it in just about any way (quickly) to accommodate just about any position you want. Thumbs up for Vickers. Excellent quality too.
  14. One issue of consideration when speaking about pellet size is how much penetration you are looking for. Some people prefer smaller pellets in defensive loads so in a residential scenario you don't rip through walls endangering everyone in the house. In other situations you probably want the all-out knockdown of 000 buck. If that's the case, try using some of Caligvla's tri-ball ammo that snapped his B&T rail in half
  15. If you haven't yet, I might suggest checking the muzzle end of your weapon where the ring for the mag tube attaches to the barrel for any stress cracks. Either that BT rail is one crappy unit (or had a manufacturing flaw) or you had one seriously hot load that flexed the heck out of that baby.
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