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    Been hunting all my life for Deer and Doves... Just got into hunting for Ducks and Turkey!
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    Summerville, SC
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    Coaching Volleyball, Wrestling
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    Health and Physical Education Teacher
  1. For a Christmas gift to myself I bought a SBE2... The first day I took it out I went duck hunting in South Carolina temperature around 40ish. The first shot using Kent Steel 3inch BB shot the gun hung up. It did not eject the shell all the way out. But I killed the duck.... So I didn't think much of it. Shot a few more times and the gun worked awesome... Next time hunting a week later using Estate 3inch 4shot the gun hung up 2 times out of shooting 7 shots.. Now I just spent a pretty penny on this gun... Shooting it around 20 times and having 5 hang ups or ejecting problems. I either hav
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