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  1. Mystery solved...apparently whoever had put the shotgun together at the store had simply put the spring with the limiter ring into the tube. The flat disc with the hole was sitting on the limiter tube in the box. Although I don't have the ring for the limiter any longer (somewhere in the deep dark recesses of the basement), I do have a working Benelli M2.
  2. I gave it a quick lookover...didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. Came with the box, chokes, manuals, etc. I'm trying to understand what holds that spring in so I can figure out if anything was actually missing or not. If I remember correctly before I pressed on it, it was a thin disc of some sort. I was hoping someone could post pics of the pieces that shoudl be at the end of the tube holding the spring in.
  3. Picked up my new M2 Tactical today and when I got it home the spring went flying out of the tube and whatever was holding it on is lost somewhere in my basement. This is my first Benelli and I'm not sure what the front of the tube should look like, and what parts would be between the end of the spring and the end of the tube. Could it be that I was missing something to begin with? Any guidance/pictures would be MOST appreciated!
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