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  1. Alright, thanks guys, im kinda finding it funny though that no one likes the stoeger at all, my uncle's the M2000 got one and he loves it, never had an issue with it, i personally like it, low recoild, good feel, but maybe he just got lucky with it, ive also heard bad things about the new 870, i heard they rust real easily but once again, i could be wrong, ill probably end up goin with the nova, i love the feel and the slide, thanks again
  2. Hey, im lookin into gettin a Benelli Nova 12ga. with atleast a 26" barrel.... id prefer it in camo but i wouldnt mind black..... im also lookin into a stoeger 2000 with the same criteria..... if anyone's got some useful info for me thatd be great, at my local dick's the nova in camo is $439 and the stoeger 2000 is $500 in camo, this is a little expensive for me but i may gotta settle for that if i cant find anythin cheaper, if anyone knows any other places to look thatd be awesome, also im curious about online stores like impactguns, ablesammo, gunsamerica, and gunbroker, any help would be appreciated. thanks
  3. ok thanks, do you know the difference between the 1100 and the 1187?
  4. I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST 1187s its just that they cost so @#$& much, well....... at least for me
  5. thanks for all the responses, I'm looking into autoloaders especially the cz 712 and the stoeger 2000, since one is gas and one is inertia im trying to find out as much as possible
  6. Just a bit anyway, do you know what is good about this compared to a gas or whats good about a gas compared to this iif you do please lemme know thanks
  7. Hey, I'm lookin at 12 ga autoloaders, and was wondering....... whats the difference between gas operated systems and inertia operated systems?!?! I think i kinda know how they work, but what i really want to know which is better and what are good and bad about them. If anybody knows please help me out here.
  8. yeah, the cz shotgun is called a 712 autoloader i think, I saw a new one on gunsamerica.com for $350 new in box. gas operated, not inertia driven but hey, an autoloaders and autoloader! also would you use a nova for clays/ the guy at dicks says pumps arent so good for clays cuz u have to reset yourself everytime you shoot because of the pumping action
  9. Has anyone heard of anything about charles daly or cz shotguns? both have autoloaders unde $400 but im not too sure since, from what i know, neither are huge companies like benelli, stoeger, mossberg, or remmington
  10. I've heard they've changed their rust resisting whatever from a liquid to a powder kind of thing but im not 100% sure
  11. im mainly gonna use the gun for clay shooting, and i have a little mossberg .22 which i love , i do like the nova but its a little steep on the price for a pump, i know its pretty much the best of the best, but as i said i have a $400 limit. also I do like the new remmington semis and o/u just not the pump
  12. yeah...... thats what I heard, the old ones are great but the new ones.......... not so much
  13. An auto is what im really looking for, i really like the stoeger 2000 especially because of the inertia driven system, I've never really heard of charle Day and I'm not sure if I want to buy something that I don't know a whole lot about........
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