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  1. What are people's favorite call brand? Duck or goose. I am a foiles man my self. Just wondering what people prefer and why.
  2. Depending on your range. If you are decoying them then probably IC but if doing any pass shooting then I would go with the Mod. What shot size are you using?
  3. We also reload all our shells and to make it easy we only reload 6 shot for pheasants and quail. That is out of a 12 and 20 gauge. We also have pointing dogs so that helps but I have dropped roosters dead at 40yds with 7/8oz 9 shot out of my 20 gauge. If you center the bird it wont flop. To many people blame the choke or the shell when it is them hitting them with the edge of the pattern.
  4. Benelli factory Modified is actually full Steel and Kicks Modified is actually Modified Steel.
  5. He said 20gauge. Recoil probably isn't a problem.
  6. Didn't even know the rib was sloped. I thought you weren't supposed to see anything but the oject you are shooting.:D I guess I better go look at my M2.
  7. I hear ya there Bro. Best thing I have found so far.
  8. My favorite way to cook doves is the same way I do my ducks. Take as many doves as you want and fillet them and put them in a bowl. Then take a bottle of Italian Dressing and marinade them over night or so and throw them on the grill and enjoy.
  9. I was wondering how many people like using steel shot and would rather shoot lead at ducks. They need to go back to the old days.
  10. My vote goes to Ruger Red Label. Good field and sporting gun.
  11. I totally agree TMAC! I would be willing to pay that if it were 25 in a box but only 10? What the **** is the purpose? If you center the bird in your pattern at a resonable range you are going to kill it dead. I have stoned pheasants a 40yds plus with 9 shot and shot mallards very well at the same range with 6 shot steel.
  12. You won't even notice a thing in hunting situations. Your adrenelin will be rushing through your body so much you won't even here the gun go off. Patterning a gun hurts but that is why you only do it a few times. Any 3.5in gun is going to kick. Like what was said before it is all in what you can handle. I am 6ft 1in 150lbs and I don't feel a thing no matter what I shoot.
  13. I have been reloding shells for 10yrs now and there used to be a huge difference but now with the price of shells its not as great. Now we load 1 1/8 heavy field loads for the price that you buy cheap wally world shells. The main thing with reloding is the quality. You can make any kind of load that you want. If You just plan on using them for targets I would stick with wally world shells.
  14. Last year I used my Montefeltro 20ga with a modified choke and shot the **** out of them. All that matters is that you get in the right spot and it shouldn't matter what choke you shoot. Good luck to YA, Jeff Schomaker
  15. Hey guys. I just bought a Brand new M2 and was wondering How much and where to get a new slug barrel for it? And also how do scopes do On them?
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