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  1. Kazz

    SBE2 & Nasty Kick

    I've not had a chance to get out since those first few shells. But goose season opens tomorrow and I got a call that a slot was open in the blind. So, given there will be birds, I'll have a second shot at this. I did order and receive a limbsaver shoulder pad I'll wear under my shirt. I've been practicing how I mount to my shoulder, too. We'll see. Thanks everyone for the feedback. Again, I was just really, really shocked by the kick. My effort will be to mount the gun properly, pull it into my shoulder, lean into it, and not flinch. Here's to baggin' two tomorrow. Thanks
  2. Kazz

    SBE2 & Nasty Kick

    But the recoil from a lousy 2.75" game load is more than I'm used to or care for. That's more to the point.
  3. Kazz

    SBE2 & Nasty Kick

    Needless to say, I'm very disappointed. I came to Benelli specifically because of their marketing. Having bought it brand new, it's a lesson that's gonna cost me a few hundred bucks. I will definitely let Benelli know how disappointed I am. Thanks all for the perspective.
  4. Kazz

    SBE2 & Nasty Kick

    So, even shooting the 2 3/4 load I documented should kick hard?
  5. Kazz

    SBE2 & Nasty Kick

    You do understand that reply flies entirely in the face of Benelli's marketing, yes?
  6. Kazz

    SBE2 & Nasty Kick

    I have my dad's 1970's Sears 12 gauge that only takes 2 3/4" shells and can shoot it all day long. It's like nothing. My brother-in-law got me started duck hunting and wants to get me out goose hunting and I'm all for it, but he's insisted I need 3" & 3 1/2" shells. I bought a used Mossberg from an old man that was a friend of his. I don't recall the model, but it was 860-something, I think. It was very short, perhaps a 24", and only took 3" and 3 1/2". I couldn't handle the kick. So, I took the Mossberg, and old Stephens single-shot 20-gauge in to trade in and get a Benelli
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