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  1. this season, I have been very impressed with the Wingmaster HD loads. 3" #6 in 20 gauge and it brought down canada and snow geese consistently. WITH the Remington rebate, I will shot it every year...without the rebate, I'll head back to the ole reliable 12 gauge 3" #3 steel loads. Cost on sale at Cabelas was $229 minus the $150 remington rebate = $80 (free shipping). Less tha $1 per shot which is where my pain level begins.
  2. hey oldflick...I am right up the road from you in Somers Point area...too funny
  3. Goose2...thanks for the good input...I thought about trying a magnetic sight but quite honestly, I've been shooting the gun so well this season, I don;t want to change anything! I'll track my shooting and see where this ends up at the end of the season.
  4. not to jinx myself but the 20 gague is sweet...I've tried to choose a sight plane a bit lower than normal and the results have been good. The Kent matrix shells that I had from a few seasons ago are a nice load. I will be trying the WIngmaster HD loads soon. Any input on the HD shotshells?
  5. not one person has any insight??? are there any Benelli folks that read these forums? TIA
  6. and since this was my first post, I am not making any representations on any product...except my SBEs (I own two SBEs and one 20 G M1) Thanks for any help with the "high" shooting issue on the 20G
  7. I purchased a pair of Kicks chioke tube extenders in Modified for my 20 g and 12 g SBE Benelli's...most of the ballistics reports that I have read spoke highly of the ability of these tubes to tighten patterns especially with larger steel loads. Here are the results: 20 G Benelli 3" #5 Kent Impact # of hits within a 30" circle at 35 yards with Kicks modified = 88 with Benelli factory modified = 96 of note was the fact that there were 49 just high hits (on paper, but outside of circle) with the Benelii facotory modified choke...very few with the Kicks choke 12 G
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