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  1. smack down this morning. This bad boy was hung up on the other property until I finally broke out the wobble gobble. He and his partner come running together when they thought some other gobbler was easing in on the nooky. lost a few tail feathers on the full strut bang. SBE II woodhaven Vision crystal and real hen box. 660 jellyhead. 3.5 winchester extended range
  2. Mudhen what gun and choke did you use with the H-13. And have you found any better combo for the sbe II than the jellyhead and xr wins
  3. I vote for ported chokes do reduce felt recoil and slowing the wad. I have never had the wad reach my target like some that are posted on here. My sbe 2 will drive fence posts in the ground and it seems a lot more tolerable with the ported choke.
  4. Anyone remember the link or the website of the guy who hot rod's the Benelli's ? I thought I saved it but cant find it
  5. I will keep my old SBE II with standard stock
  6. we have no birds hardly this year in north alabama. seems that is what everyone I talk to has said. Found one gobbler and two jakes on the whole property. worked him everyday for five days and finally called him to the decoy in the middle of the road for my buddy and he got busted looking at the other decoy. Oh well I guess he needed to stay and reproduce
  7. check out angle port. Nice chokes for the money. Bought a set for my Browning cynergy.
  8. Ah FLH is a good guy, He's been hangin around here a while now and he has some valid points. But we do also. Just think he would be a little suprised if he scratched around on few of the " better mass produced calls" esecially the new vision Mike has. And I bought mine last year and I don't think you can buy it yet through a distributor because of the length of time it was taking him to fuse the aluminum and crystal. And I could have told you to try it but its twice the price. And beleive me I asked around before buying it.Talked to some guys on the woodhaven forum, and their is some turkey sl
  9. Something about calling them up and shooting them .
  10. You just walked in and set up and felt like you didn't give him a chance and felt bad. If you hunt him again and he gives you the slip a couple times, then and if you kill him you will be much more satisfied
  11. Just because you have a call made in a guys garage don't mean you will be killing anything in front of me. You can buy a custom built motorcyle to and have it falling apart going down the road while the mass produced bike passes you by. The guy just wanted to know who made some decent calls. And there were more brands mentioned than one or two garage brands. And Kasier don't even have any calls to sell. Maybe you would be willing to sell yours to him? I have a few pretty custom calls that set on the shelf. Not saying woodhaven is the best call. Just the best I have run at nwtf shows mass produ
  12. THose Kaiser calls look nice. And if he starts selling a bunch of them guess what he will have to mass produce like the rest of the guys. These calls of top sellers still have a lot of hands on unlike the plastic machine produced calls. May try one Kasiers calls myself but I have yet to run any I like better than woodhavens
  13. woodhaven are custom calls . Look at the championships they win. If the calls out there are better these guys will use them to win these contests. cody is another one. Bud and Betty another http://i271.photobucket.com/albums/jj132/Bartmanspics/010.jpgone..http://i271.photobucket.com/albums/jj132/Bartmanspics/008.jpg
  14. And if you like that crystal and gotta have more get fusion and the real hen box is as good as it gets http://i271.photobucket.com/albums/jj132/Bartmanspics/007-1.jpg http://i271.photobucket.com/albums/jj132/Bartmanspics/006.jpg
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