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  1. resident geese is open at my new hunting spot. I was ready to go until the farmer said he chases them off the property . Guess I'll have to wait a little longer. It'll be a waste of time if I go out now.
  2. wingshooter17

    Top Shot

    So I just saw a preview for tonights episode of Top Shot on the History Channel. It looks like they'll be shooting a Benelli of some sort. Couldn't tell what it was since the preview only showed it for a second. Thought you guys would want to know and maybe check it out. I know I will! Love that show.
  3. Here's another story/post I saw on the Benelli Facebook page today. Link: http://www.theoutdoorwire.com/story/1302682861t923nhpfq0y Facebook: www.facebook.com/BenelliOfficialFanPage
  4. Hey guys, Saw this post today on the Benelli Facebook page. Thought I'd share with everyone. So pumped to see Benelli is getting involved with 3-gun competitions. LOVE my M2!! Here's the link: http://www.theoutdoorwire.com/story/1302585896n6h3ynsjwm7 Facebook: www.facebook.com/BenelliOfficialFanPage
  5. I own the Vinci and have shot the M2. Both are awesome shotguns. I would totally recommend the Vinci. Everything about it fits my needs. It shoots great, no mis-fires or jamming, it breaks down quick and easy. I put about 3000 round through it over the past year. Everything from clay shooting to duck and turkey hunting. You'll be happy with either one, but my recommendation is the Vinci. Gonna take it out to the deer woods/fields in a few months when season opens.
  6. For a tactical gun, i would recommend the ghost ring sights. They are better for quick target acquisition.
  7. You can get a raised comb for the SBE II. I dont think you can get one for the original SBE or the M1 because of the way the stock is made. Check out Brownells for parts and accessories.
  8. That's easy...M4 or the SuperNova Tactical. My choice would be the M4...
  9. Both are great guns. Hattles makes a good point. The Vinci has an "inline inertia" system. Some may say it shoots faster because the return spring doesnt travel as far. I would say go on comfort. If you can shoot them both, definitely take advantage of that. At the very least, shoulder them. For fitting purposes, I usually shoulder the gun with my eyes closed, and then open my eyes to see if I'm looking down the rib or the side of the barrel. This doesnt work for some people but it gives me a good idea of how everything lines up. You will have a great gun either way, just go with what is comfortable.
  10. HK45 is a good choice. If allowed, you may want to look into a model that can take a conversion kit. I know the Sig 250 can be converted to various caliber just by swapping out the barrel and magazine. I personally like shooting any 1911 style such as a Springfield or a Kimber. Again, i'm not sure if thats available in Germany, but they are worth looking into.
  11. quickbiscuit, no I havent got it yet. I cant wait! As soon as it comes in I'll take some pictures of it for you and post them.
  12. flhawghuntr - Yes I have bought one. It is on order right now and should be here in the next week or so. A Benelli Rep was visiting a local gun shop and had a sample model on him that I was able to check out. It is a great deal and I wouldnt have gotten one if it wasnt worth the money.
  13. I can see what you're saying. But there are other additional factors that we both havent mentioned that will raise the cost even more. Also, as a quick correction..the custom work is done by turkey phenom Rob Roberts not Briley. Here are some things I found out: They do EDM porting - electrical discharge machine - it basically burns the holes in instead of drilling them. From what I've read its better for the barrel. You have a custom turkey choke called the Triple Threat #3 from Rob Roberts. They lengthen and polish the forcing cone. Trigger work was done which eliminates the creeping you find in most guns. And what I think is really impressive is the fact that the custom gunsmith goes to the extent of performing a computerized pattern testing for each individual gun. He puts various loads through it from different ammo companies and attaches a print out of the target recommending the specific load that gun liked best. With all that being said...I still think you are getting a great deal. Yes, it can be pricey for the average person...but if you go to a custom gunsmith and have all the things we have both mentioned done to a gun you already own I'm almost positive it will cost you more than the extra cost of a standard SBE II.
  14. My buddy did the same thing with his SBE. What he did was call customer service and they directed him to a local dealer that was in our area. I would give that a shot before going out and buying an entirely new gun. Let me know how it works out.
  15. Everyone - you MUST check out this new gun Benelli just added. I was surfing their site and I spotted this sweet piece of hardware. Benelli took the regular SBE II and completely decked it out. You get both the steady grip stock and the comfortech stock along with a Burris fastfire red dot. From what I read so much went into this thing, I can't wait to see first hand how it performs. I wouldnt be suprised if you could pop a Tom out to 50 or more yards. First it was the new Vinci they came out with and now its this. All I have to say is that I'm not gonna have any cash left over. I want it all!! Check it out and left me know what you guys think!
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