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  1. That's awesome man!!! Glad you got him back...
  2. I hunt in Menard Co., IL during shotgun season, McDonough Co., IL during atlerless only season (Late Winter Hunt), and any place I can find for bow season. I use a Remington 870 12ga. and shoot Hornady slugs. Browning rage for bow season Gerber Knife for field dressing
  3. Well that's a little welcoming news. Just wish he called around to the local shelters, vet's offices, etc. Don't worry man, you'll get him back! Your family is in my thoughts and prayers... Good luck!!!
  4. Just wanting some help with what chokes I should use for the Stoeger Uplander double barrell 20. ga for squirrel hunting. I know it comes with a modified choke in the left barrell and an improved in the right. I'm looking to use this gun alot for squirrel hunting. My dad suggested I get a full choke. Just wondering what you guys thought and which side I should put each choke in.
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