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  1. I need to choose between the two. Main criteria will be weight. To be used for hunting and sporting clays. Comments?
  2. I've heard Benelli will release a 20 ultralight. Does anyone know when will it be out and when all the other new 2008 stuff will be shown? Thanks
  3. pup21

    New Light 20 ga

    I was told the same thing by a benelli rep the other day although I have not seen one yet.
  4. pup21

    M3 Stock Removal

    I recently moved and lost my manual for my M3 and was wondering how I switch my stock out for a pistol grip? I looked for another manual online but benelli has every one for every shotgun except the M3. Thanks in advance
  5. I've been looking for one for a while and have seen pictures of them around. As for ordering one I've drawn a big zero, I suppose that it has something to do with the uniqueness of the gun and the rumor that the gun has the tendency of not always cycling with stuff hanging on the side.
  6. Daves Metal works, tac star, and SRM make them for the M1 I believe. I have a SRM for my M3 and it works but needs to be tightened after every box or so, it flew off once for me to realize this.
  7. pup21

    M3 extension

    Does anyone other than SRM offer an mag extension for the M3? Thanks
  8. My local dealer has one for $1500, is this average or can I get it cheaper? Thanks
  9. I have been looking for a clamp to hold my mag extention (the current one comes lose and flies off never to be heard from again). Will a 1 inch clamp work on a M3? What measurement is 1 inch measured from? Is it from the extention to the barrel? The diameter of the barrel? Thanks
  10. I have had no problem shooting any shot out of my M3 (I shoot 7-8 shot loads) for light loads I just switch it to pump. I would try some of those super handicap loads offered by almost all shell companies to see if it still gives you problems, then give it to more qualified experts at benelli to figure out. As I understand it (It is a big discussion on the board) you can have a two shot extention on the M3 as long as you don't have a pistol grip and don't hunt with it, but this is just what I think and if it bothers you ya need to contact the ATF or local PD and try to get an answer out of
  11. How do I switch the stocks out? (I have the standard one on and would like to be able to try my new pistol grip stock out). Is it difficult? Thanks in advance
  12. pup21

    M3 Pump?

    Thanks for the advice guys, took it out today and tryed to use the pump function but had trouble. I depressed the selector on the stock and moved it down to the notch, (Does the action need to be closed at this point)? I pumped it but am having trouble going past the notch while pumping and turning it back into semi. Some instances it "locked" with a shell in the chamber. Are these problems resulting from my ignorance? The manual is not a help and the dealer that I ordered the gun from is lost also. Thanks for any advice.
  13. pup21

    M3 Pump?

    I have a M3 and love it. I take it out to the skeet range and find it easier to swing with the target than other guns, but I was wondering the other day...... I know how to clear a jam using the pump in auto (Never had a jam though) but was wondering how, or if, the gun can be used solely as a pump (for pump competition). I thought this was possible with a M3. Is this option only available to clear jams like I know how to do in auto? Can it be used just a pump? Thanks.
  14. pup21

    Magazine clamp

    I lost my old magazine clamp that connects my mag extension with the barrel of my M3. Does anyone know of a replacement that won't fall off or loosen during shooting? Thanks
  15. I wish it could be used with a standard stock, then I'd buy it.
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