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  1. Where did you get that collapsible stock??? I need one... Very nice shottie BTW.
  2. Buy an aftermarket choke. Check on cabelas, they sell very good aftermarket chokes. A Patternmaster or something like that should make the job.
  3. Blackcloud is really worth the extra $$$. The flite control wad gives you better patterns and extended range. The only drawback is that if you shoot a bird too close, the FS steel may destroy it (it happened to me).


    Well sometimes I prefer having some extra velocity over having more pellets.
  5. Don't be affraid, the M4 is there to stay...
  6. Offer doesn't seem to be available to canadians...
  7. I support that secondation.
  8. They are really beautiful above a fireplace (as for costy O/Us) but I wouldn't take them to the field. I'd be too afraid to make a scratch on them.


    As far as I know, all firearms entering Canada must be registered. I was more thinking of buying a little house in Maine or New Hampshire and leaving the guns at this house. Since I'm only 1 hour from the US border, I could go there once or twice a month and have fun with all this stuff that is prohibited here. Seems like it's not that simple...


    Yark!! So you need US citizenship to legally buy guns? Do you need to register guns in the US? Transfering guns from the US to Canada is a pain in the *ss...


    What do you need to buy a gun in the US? If I had a terrain and an adress in the US but was still living in Canada, would I be able to buy guns in the US?


    Job, family, friends and language (I'm french). Our gun laws suck but our hunting laws are nice. And I'm only 18 so maybe later...


    Gun laws really suck around here. All centerfire semi-auto long guns are limited to 5 rounds in the mag. Pistols are limited to 10 rounds. All pistols with barrels shorter than 105mm (4 1/8") are prohibited, all .25 and .32 pistols are prohibited too, full-auto firearms = prohibited and worst of all : Benelli M3 = prohibited (don't ask me why). All pistols and ARs are restricted firearms meaning that you have to succeed a 1 day security course and be a member of a shooting club to buy them. You can ONLY transport your restricted firearms from your house to your shooting club (meaning that you can't hunt/shoot at your private range with them) and you need to call the Canadian Firearms Centre to obtain a transport permit to do so. You must store and transport all your restricted firearms unloaded and double-locked (trigger lock + locked gun case). Hollow point pistols bullets are illegal since you are supposed to use your handguns only for target shooting (no hunting/personnal defence). If you want to store ammo with your firearms, your ammo must be in a separate locked compartment. etc. Conclusion : YES, Canada's gun laws SUCK!!! I wanna move to USA...


    Glock 19 is prohibited stuff here. All firearms with barrels shorter than 105mm (4 1/8") are prohibited. You need to buy a gun with no barrel and then buy an aftermarket longer barrel (I don't really like this idea but it's the only way to get these guns). I'll start with the 17 but I plan to buy a 19 and maybe a 26 later.


    Of course I like all those tacticool AR-15s but I really like the idea of a classic carry handle AR-15 with wooden furniture for backyard plinking. Got the papers proving that I succeeded my restricted firearms security course today. I'll probably get my restricted firearms licence in a couple of months so I'll be able to buy some nice toys. I'll begin with a Glock 17 and I'll probably buy an AR-15 later.
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