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  1. Howdy, I have a Benelli M4 with CarrierComp titanium extended tube, CarrierComp shell follower, and CarrierComp supplied spring. I am unable to load seven 2 3/4 Federal Tactical OO Buck 9 Pellets 1325 FPS LE127 shells in the tube. I can get the seventh shell 98% of the way in the tube, but no further. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Dear Kip, That you intend to produce aftermarket followers suggests that you find some deficiency in the OEM follower. What deficits do you find in the OEM follower and how will you improve upon it? BTW, I have received your titanium mag tube and it is WONDERFUL in fit and finish. Easily one of the most impressive aftermarket gun modifications I have purchased for any firearms. Thanks!
  3. cleefurd/kip: Question for you. What are the pros and cons of using the OEM follower vs. the Nordic follower in the carriercomp magazine tubes? Since you make the tubes, I think you would be in the best position to comment on the above question. Thanks!
  4. Ligament

    M4 Capacity?

    Love it. I just wish the stock was a little shorter. Otherwise, it is great. thanks!
  5. I have the Carriercomp titanium mag tube + carriercomp spring + nordic components follower, and I can still fit SEVEN 2¾” shells in the tube. Can anybody explain our different experiences?
  6. Ligament

    M4 Capacity?

    Got it, thanks!
  7. Is the general consensus that carrier loading or ghost loading is indeed unrealiable, or has this been worked out over the years? Want to use this technique for home defense ONLY if it is reliable as regular loading.
  8. Ligament

    M4 Capacity?

    How do you "ghost load" or place one on the carrier? Is this reliable for home defense purposes? Does it negatively impact the cycling in any way?
  9. Is it possible to put the M2/M3 stock on an M4? The sling loop on the M2/M3 is not glued in to my knowledge, and therefore one could have the Mesa 4 shot stock mounted side-saddle on an M4. I REALLY want to get this sidesaddle mounted on my M4!!!
  10. Hi All, I recently acquired a new M4. I have not shot it yet. Now that the Vinci is released, do you see it replacing the M4 in the near future? If so, I might sell the M4 now and wait for the "tactical" Vinci to be released. If the consensus is that the M4 is not close to obsolescence, then I'll shart shooting it this weekend! Thanks!
  11. Any chance the Vinci will replace the M4? I just got an M4 wondering if I should replace it with the Vinci since I have not fired it yet...
  12. Hi all, Does the GG&G Benelli Tactical Bolt Release Pad scratch the finish of the benelli receiver when you press it? Is there some sort of protection on the back side of the button to prevent it marring the reciever finish? Otherwise, it looks like a nice design!
  13. Guys, I just purchased a Mesa tactical stock-mount sureshell carrier for my M4. Planning on installing this weekend. Has this issue been resolved or is it still not possible to mount this device on the M4 stock?
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