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    Lol - I was looking for the thread with the pics and then it was no more.... Personally, I think it's great. I'd love to get my hands on one. Apparently they're already available for sale, so I'm off to find one somewhere on the good ol' web.
  2. Carlson's. I wanna say they made the choke tubes on Tom Knapp's site as well....I could be wrong though....
  3. Thank you everyone for the fantastic examples. I really appreciate all the detail! I will use this information in my narrowing process and hopefully we'll find something that has the Goldilocks fit .
  4. Veduci - where did you find such a great price?
  5. I know this is probably a long shot...but could it be something having to do with the long recoil action ala the famous Auto-5? I know it's not the Inertia-Driven stuff Benelli is famous for...but maybe they're put the innovative Benelli spin on the classic Auto-5?
  6. Agreed, Mr. Tucker. Well...maybe 5 days, now....
  7. Mudhen - yeah I understand what you're saying, I don't think I'm necessarily confused, I've just bought guns that were already available in the past and so didn't pay much attention to this sort of thing. Do you know of somewhere where the Maxus release date is stated online? If it's somewhere in writing, and I can grab one of these guys in May, I might just be placing a long distance call back home tonight . My understanding is that Benelli has not given any sort of release date, just a date when we'll find out what the gun is. Is this correct? or have I missed the date so
  8. sdkidaho: "...a new shotgun from Benelli that will revolutionize the entire concept of the semi-automatic shotgun world." from the Benelli press release http://www.ammoland.com/2009/01/15/coming-soon-new-benelli-shotgun/
  9. Hello All. I am lucky enough to be shopping for two shotguns at the moment - one for myself and one for the lil' lady. I've been looking for very slim autoloading shotguns that allow even the daintiest of hands an adequate grip on the foreend. After a trip to Gander Mountain, where I handled and shouldered many a shotgun from, I believe, every major manufacturer, I've come to the decision that the slimmest guns are the Benellies. I suppose this is due to the lack of a gas system in the foreend. Before I go and focus more on them, however, I was wondering if anyone else had a different opi
  10. Thanks for the answers, guys. I understand the Benellies are all very durable. I'm just wondering if the Cordobas and others that are touted as high volume shooters with Benelli's website descriptions are any more capable of the long shooting sessions than, say, an M2? Mudhen seemed to answer it though by mentioning the M1 going the distance. Basically the question was, if I'm going to do exceedingly large amounts of shooting, and I'm going to buy a Benelli, will a Cordoba outlast a M2 when it comes to high-volume shoots? Thanks for the help, everyone.
  11. To Mudhen, Oh no, I'm not a rep of any sort. I apologize for any confusion. Time until release is just conjecture for me. It's just my experience that, at least with guns, time between the announcement of the gun and the time it's available to us seems to be a relatively long time when compared to, say, movie times. For instance, my understanding about the Browning Maxus is that it won't actually be released until sometime around this coming October...and we've known about the Maxus for some time now. I just think there's a good chance that the Vinci is going to follow the same trend and
  12. I apologize, but I'm not quite sure exactly what your answer to my issue is.... does the Cordoba, Super Sport, or Sport II have some sort of inherent ability to better hold up to lots and lots of shooting that the M2 and others simply don't have? for instance, the Cordoba is touted as Benelli's high volume shooting gun...Argentina dove hunting, etc....is there anything to that, or would other Benelli's last just as long hunting doves, putting hundreds of rounds through the gun every day, etc. I am interested in a gun that can hold up to several hundred rounds of shooting a week in va
  13. I find it very frustrating that, regardless of what this thing is, it isn't going to be available to us for quite some time. I'm looking to buy a shotgun for myself and possibly one for the lil' lady sometime in the next couple of months, so I know I personally sort of don't want to fall in love with the Vinci....
  14. Hey all, quick question: I notice the Cordoba, Super Sport, and Sport II are touted as the best guns for clays/"high volume" shooting. I was wondering - is this just marketing, or is there really some substance behind this? In other words, is there some sort of higher durability that the above-mentioned guns have in the clays/high volume shooting arena? Will an M2 or Montefeltro break down before one of the above if I'm a guy who runs through a lot of ammo on the clays range? Thanks for the help. I apologize for asking the question several ways....I just want to make sure I'm clear a
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