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  1. Cheezum460

    SBE II

    Thanks for the info and response. I did purchase the used one and boy am I HAPPY:D! He did give me a 30 day warranty and so far I have nothing to gripe about.
  2. Cheezum460

    SBE II

    I just sold my Win. Super X2 today and was looking to but either a M2 or a SBE II in left handed max 4. I called around to my local gun shops and found one that has a used SBE II for $900. He assured me that there is not one thing wrong with the gun. The new M2 was about 1299.00 and the new SBE is about 1599.00. Any way I was looking to gain some feedback about things to look for that could be wrong with the gun. Are there any known issues that I should be aware of? Thanks in advance for comments.
  3. I am in the market for my first semi. However I am a Leftie and there isn't many options I would like any and all feedback on the SBE2. Feel free with pros and cons. Thanks in advance.
  4. To anyone with their insight. I am looking to purchase a left handed semi auto shotgun, I am really looking at the SBE 2 I would like some feed back pros and cons on this gun. Thanks in advance!
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