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  1. It may help if you look at it this way - you're shooting hot gases down the barrel with lead projectiles. Should you be more concerned with that or what you clean the barrel with? Let's see...wipe the barrel with a certain cleaner or blast lead through it. Think logically.
  2. Emphasis his. Farbeit from anyone here to do something for the sole exception of having fun. Sukhoi, you take yourself far too seriously.
  3. Simpry send you bank account #, you social security # and you driving license # and photographing to Barrister John at [email protected] and you will be soon in receipt of your lawful inheritance of $17,000,000. USA. So kindly and justly appreciative of your goodness. Do please keep this faithful communication secretive so that unhonest persons will not make unlawful attempts to burden your awarde. Kind of Nigeiar, Barrister John
  4. That tube screams aftermarket due to the apparent color difference, which is really noticeable. The main thing though is that it works well, which is Job One.
  5. Heather there is no doubt a certain amount of satisfaction in receiving a new gun and being the first to shoot it. It sounds as though this is what you think your friend will prefer, and if I were in his place I would too. Consider this: he may decide to leave the gun box-stock, meaning that he may like it so much as he receives it that he might just want to leave it alone rather than add all manner of aftermarket parts.
  6. No kidding, really? Wow, thank you for solving that mystery Romeo Oscar Bravo. Just curious, do you wear cammie face paint to the range?
  7. Bello, Your paranoia is astounding, surpassed only by your lack of ability to spell. What's your deal 'Romeo Oscar Bravo'. Alpha One out. hahah.
  8. Just gotta love that...typical for this forum. ekasey, Sent you a PM with an idea. Good luck to you.
  9. Agreed. I don't know Unobtainium but from reading his posts and exchanging a few PMs I have concluded that he's a very bright guy and really knows his Benellis, especially the M4...this IMO would translate into a gun that isn't put together wrong or trashed. If I was in the market to buy a used, tricked out M4 I would not hesitate to contact him. Before you buy, please consider sending a PM to Unobtainium.
  10. Before you go to the trouble and expense, think about what you want to accomplish. Ghost rings are better than rifle/bead for 100 yard slug shots, but otherwise your rifle sights or a bead are perfectly workable on a weapon designed for closer range work. If you use your shotgun primarily for HD, I would suggest that you save your money.
  11. Tackelbarry, It was an absolute pleasure dealing with you. I hope all is well with you and yours.
  12. Specifically with reference to a HD situation, I think anything that diminishes night vision and/or that requires additional steps (finding/pushing buttons other than a safety, locating beam placement), tends to be a detriment rather than a help.
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