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  1. I have had a few issues with my M4 and those slugs, however I have never shot more then 50 rounds through it, so it is probably not broken in.
  2. I don't want to sell any of the good stuff!
  3. Man this place is deaaaad these days
  4. In like new condition 65.00$ Shipped
  5. As the post states a brand new take off from my M4 please e-mail offers to chmotorsports @ gmail. com
  6. Ty sir good to see this forum doesn't completely suck!
  7. no thanks not worth the drive to the ups store
  8. Cool Story, Bro Figured it was in the middle
  9. If your stuff is shooting loose then it either isn't torqued correctly or is not loctited. Are you interested in selling the side shell holder separately?
  10. i have one as well please e-mail at chmotorsports @ gmail . com if interested
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