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  1. Right that was for things that he might want on it. I would love to get him a new one but I'm not able to do that right now so if I can get him a used one (in good shape I will) otherwise I'll wait and get him a new one. The reason I ask the same questions is beacuse most of the time no one answers the question I asked. But a few people. If you feel I wasted your time sorry. I guess I was wrong about finding answers to my questions here guess it's back to google. But thank you Unobtanium for finally answering my question on what to look for in a used gun best info I got on here. If I don't fi
  2. Thanks for think that me wanting to get my boyfriend a gun is a con. I'm trying to get more info on the gun from those who own one then the info found on the internet. Sorry if you think I'm wasting your time. Thank you to everyone who was a help to me.
  3. What should I be sure to check for on a used M4?
  4. I'll see what I can get used if not I guess it's going to be a new one.
  5. I told him I would get him the gun anything else he want's is up to him. I'll have him talk to you about add ons once I get it for him. You seem to know a good bit about the M4. There's a gun show here this weekend so maybe I can find one for him there.
  6. thanks for understanding that. He likes to make things his own.
  7. It's a nice gun. But I'm looking for something that my boyfriend can customize the way he wants.
  8. I looked in to that one I can get a new one for the same price at my local gun shop.
  9. Thinking of buying a M4 and wanted to know what a good price would be for a used one. Also what do I need to look for if I do choice to buy a used one. Thanks.
  10. I'm looking to get a Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun. For my boyfriend and I'm trying to find a good price and also maybe a few other things that he might like to go along with it. So if you could be some help I would gladly welcome it.
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