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  1. That's what I thought. Thanks for the help. Rep also told me only NFA guns and LE could attach a C stock.
  2. I'm looking at a current brand new benelli M4 with a field stock #11703. I called Benelli USA and the rep told me the recoil tube isn't compatible (3 positions). Is this correct?
  3. I'm not using it for a red dot. I'd assume you need some heat and a screwdriver to take it off. Any problem with this?
  4. Hmmm, how soon till the field stock versions start showing up in the US in volume? I saw one on gunbroker and a shop in NJ had one.
  5. I'd love one but why won't they ship to NY. They are 100 percent legal here with SAFE act and legal before.
  6. So maybe 1500? I didn't even think about the fact it was used lol.
  7. Purchased in feb 2013. less 200 rounds fired. Dave's metal works 7 round tube and follower installed. Surefire railed forearm, mesa urbino pistol grip stock with riser. Is around 2100 right?
  8. But it was modified, doesn't that take away some value?
  9. I have a m4 field stock and mesa stock. After shooting the gun with both I prefer the mesa stock. The field stock was standard field stock that I cut down, made two oak pieces, and marine tex ed them in place. Then I fit a limbsaver recoil pad to the oak pieces. The limbsaver is a rough fit as I didn't have a belt sander to finish it with. There is around 200 rounds through it. LOP is around 12.5 inches. http://s8.postimg.org/6hvgdkkc5/IMG_0637.jpg http://s8.postimg.org/5lyyy4anp/IMG_0638.jpg http://s8.postimg.org/uznk1gmwl/IMG_0639.jpg http://s8.postimg.org/ycvso6ghh/IMG_0640
  10. He does not look happy. http://s8.postimg.org/x6z0csk0l/s_b01_56532436.jpg
  11. Danj

    M4 extention tube

    What did he charge to do the install and how long was the turnaround?
  12. Any tips, tricks, downsides to using a US made forearm (I think a FFT one comes with the Botach mesa forearm, saddle, stock package) and adding a rail with screws and epoxy. I'd like to mount a G2X. How much less robust is it than a surefire M80?
  13. I understand the benelli m4 urbino stock is 12.5 LOP. Would it be possible to go 12.0 with a straight stock? I've got that LOP on my 870 and it's just about perfect.
  14. If I go to a dealer and order one through him/her would I get quicker results? ETA: Got a hold of a customer service rep and they will only sell to dealers.
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