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  1. asking the wife.... please hold
  2. Ordered mine today. Counting on getting it in time for a major 3-gun match. Thanks to everyone for the reviews!
  3. Tough job. (warning real life reading). PIC of "Benelli 1014" http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2009/08/danger-room-in-afghanistan-a-close-range-fight-and-a-couple-of-miracles/ Hope all our Men and Women come home safe. Thank you for all your sacrifices.


    VERY NICE! Perfect.
  5. OK... Thanks to T-Skeeter for showing me the pistons. Check me for a set or two. Those look really great!!!
  6. Thanks! I have one of Dave's, which I haven't installed, but thinking of returning it for one of those CarrierComp Cerakote tubes - or is Freedom Fighter Tactical titanium tubes better quality?
  7. WOW! Those look great!!! What type of stainless are they? Sir Skeeter. How does one go about purchasing a pair or more of those pretty steel bars? Thank you for making / getting those made!
  8. Hey guys. As I get ready for my first 3 gun - figured I'd poke my head in and see if my fellow M4 Owners have found any resouces for parts other then: -Follower -Forend (forearm) -Full sized mag tube Another question, anyone know if anyone has made a factory like forend (made in USA) without all the 5 lbs in rails? After our friend "Yallknowwho" failed on his promise of the disconnector, trigger and hammer being made - I found 1 GunSmith and a 1 Machinest. Neither would touch the idea of making these parts. I keep my fingers crossed for someone to take my money one day. Thanks!
  9. Hey! It's been a long time... ( been spend $ on the other toys... ) Did Benelli Release the the parts to the public to to make our lovely M1014 LTD collapsible? Thanks!! SuperFAN [ 01-18-2005, 10:35 PM: Message edited by: M4SUPER90FAN ]
  10. M1014. Your my Best Friend now. That is too cool. So what kind of issues if any can I get by taking this magic red plastic rod? Legal issues ? is there anything that say's NO NO, on the 9 rounds? Thanks M1014
  11. Ok, my Friend, can you explain ? I'm a poor confused guy here. an Extra plus 1
  12. Hey IPGUY. How is it that you are getting 7+1 out of a 2Rnd extension? Today is my Birthday, and my lovey wife bought me the 2rnd extension, and it only adds to 2rnds, not 3. Did you mean to 6+1 ? I just loaded mine to make sure the crack I take daliy is out of my system. The Surefire rail might be too cool to not to save up money for it, wouldn't it be nice to out a tangodown front handle on our m4s
  13. Ok.... now that it "looks possable" to remove the buffer tube. How to get a LE M4 buffer tube. Maybe a gunsmith can request one? Or is it a in house repair only?
  14. This is painful. Someone other then the angry folks on here... can you write up a "nice" non-legal letter so we can ALL ( ALL of us ) MAIL, not email... and ask for a modifacation or instructions or an option to send our Lovely M4-Civ weapons in for a "factory job" for the Military stock option. Please. Anyone up to the task??? ... then send it to this forum, We'll all nicely make suggestions to it, print it out and mail it in to Benelli with our name and serial numbers. How does this sound, past the part that this is my idea, I think my idea might be OUR only reasonable option... ( minus cutting off and welding the buffer tube, or have some gunsmith "test his skills" on my $1400 shotgun). Anyone? Some other idea then gunsmith magic, or legal crap? ~M4SUPER90FAN
  15. That is just so very very not cool... I'm wondering if this is an "offical" thing?! Or maybe their not ready for that road yet... seems VERY strange that they would choose not to make more money.
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