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  1. Those images were posted on Photobucket and this year they began charging $300 a year to allow folks to post pictures on 3rd party web sites like here. Try this link to see those pictures directly: http://s219.photobucket.com/user/flamedred/library/Benelli I sold the Surefire M80 and got a B&T Quad-Rail instead and it works just fine without any modifications.
  2. Mine is coming Friday. I have an M1014 so the XRAIL will not fit an M4/M1014. I did not want to try to put it on a Benelli because of those statements on the XRAIL web site. You will notice that Jerry had it on a Benelli though, but I am sure since he is 'promoting' it they made damn sure it was going to work perfectly for him! I bought an inexpensive Remington 1187 on the cheap. Put a new synthetic pistol stock on it. Got a 28 barrel on it which is something very different for me. Fully loaded I am not sure how the balance will be. It should make a nice blaster, but I am sure I will get a lot of flaming from the purists. Only thing I know for sure is that barrel is going to be damn hot. I know it burns me after only five rounds! Another possibly better option to consider is the Saiga-12 with a drum. I saw one NIB at the fun show a couple of weeks ago including the drum for only $30 than the XRAIL itself. I bet it has better balance having the drum much more centered. Sure, less capacity but...
  3. Flame Red


    Very true. I was thinking about buying a Remington 1100 to set this up. But the Xrail is more than the shotgun!
  4. Flame Red


    Was watching the outdoor channel and saw Jerry M. using an X-rail on his Benelli. I love the toys! Adds like 14 more rounds capacity. Saw on the Xrail web site that they say the Xrail is not always reliable on the Benelli platform. So who has one? http://www.xrailbyrci.com/mm5/merchant.mvc
  5. Flame Red

    B&T Quadrail

    I changed from a Surefire rail to a B&T QRail. Worth every single penny. I changed because I go sick of being burned by the exposed barrel when I flip it over to reload. Took a small bit of time to install/adjust it the way I wanted it to. No malfunctions whatsoever. I would buy it again - no regrets.
  6. SPF I am selling my used SureFire Rail Assembly for M4/M1014 Benelli shotgun that I had mounted on my M1014. Will fit an M4 also. Unit is in excellent condition, but definitely used. A couple of small scratches/blemishes but nothing major. Comes with two Brownell picatinny rail covers. I went with a four rail system instead, but if you only need to mount a front grip or light, this will get-r-done. Price is $120 shipped to the lower 48 via Priority Mail. Prefer USPS Money Order. Here is a picture. I will gladly send more pictures upon request. Best to contact me via email: FlameRed at cfl.rr.com (replace the at with @).
  7. Yep, that little red thingy in the pictures cured that issue.
  8. Range report. I love this BT rail system. Absolutely no malfunctions. It is so nice for me to flip over the gun to reload and not have my hand burned by the hot barrel. No gas escaped from the unit. It is worth every single penny. Now I am thinking about adding a light.
  9. No worries - I want whoever buys it to be happy and get the one that is right for them. The alternatives are well documented on this board with a simple search. Each rail has it's pro's and cons. Despite our current gooberment draconian policies (keep the change), this country is supposed to enjoy a free market, not a commie/socialist paradise where the elite politicians know what is best for everyone to buy so we have one product that fits all us peasants. So I have no problem with people sharing info - and showing choices - which is the purpose of this board. I don't need this anymore and as I have done many times here, would rather offer a good deal for it and see someone put it to good use as opposed to letting it sit on some closet shelf for 50 years. But if no one wants it, I am either over pricing it, or there are better ones out there making this one obsolete and it will just end up at the dump. Free market works I think. So the buyer will make up their mind what works best for them. But I digress, so let's keep this thread focused.
  10. OK, got it on despite the lack of instructions. Thanks for the tip about heating up the unit to get the screws off. That helped big time. Used blue thread locker on it, hope that will be enough to hold them on. Now it if works 100% reliably, it will be worth it. Won't be able to post a range report till the weekend. Don't see how any hot gas can get dumped the way it is designed. Hope that is indeed the case!
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