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  1. M4CQB

    Short M4?

    LOL. Sold, check is in the mail.
  2. M4CQB

    Short M4?

    So, how much for the "DUGGANEXREME"?
  3. I have one mounted on my M4, and I don't think it sits too close to my face. I shoot with the stock in the second position, and I have shot it with the stock all the way down too.
  4. M4CQB

    Short M4?

    Some people have actually cut down M4s, although this one might be an altered photo. I have a factory M4 SBS, but the barrel is a 14", not a 12" like the pic you posted would indicate. The 12" are a 4rd tube, and my 14" is a 5rd tube.
  5. M4CQB

    Short M4?

    I have seen those. They are not factory SBS guns from what I understand. Usually an 18.5" cut down. You can tell because a factory SBS has a thicker profile at the end of the barrel. Note the end of the barrel on this M4 vs the one you posted.
  6. Thanks man, I certainly enjoy shooting it.
  7. Thanks, I'll have to monitor that site.
  8. Wasn't there someone producing new collapsibles for the M4?
  9. Yes Taylaboy it is a Socom. I love the hitting power of a .308 in a light compact package.
  10. Nice guns everyone. Here is my baby. Pic of the scope's lit ret.
  11. I have both an M2 and an M4. If you can swing the few hundred more, go for the M4, it is definitely worth it. In regard to the M2, I don't believe it was ever offered with a rail. Now I bought mine when it first came out, so I might not be the best person to ask. Things may have changed since, but as far as I know, the M2 was never offered with a rail. Hope that helps. Good luck with your purchase.
  12. Good reminder. Thanks for posting that. Oh, and yes, I am already a member.
  13. No problems here either. I have a friend that has an old M1 super 90. It has yet to break down, and he has had it for longer than I can remember. I also bought an M2 when they first came out, and it is still going strong.
  14. Most of the time that is true, but if you read through some of the accounts of actual home invasions, there are some bold/stupid people, and they are not always alone. I would consider racking my shotgun too, but not until I have made a positive ID, and made a good assessment of the situation. I have a dim night light halfway down a long hall that is shaded to only luminate in the opposite direction. I can see whoever is coming, what they are carrying, long before they will ever know that I am there. If they are unarmed? Sure, I will rack the shotgun, but if they clearly have a gun and they are wearing a skimask, I will unload without warning.
  15. True, but it is also easy to criticise when you do not know the whole story. The targets are not static, they turn and you have a short amount of time to fire before they turn out of view again, much of the shooting is quick reactions, not aimed shooting. You also shoot from behind cover, you are not standing out in the open half the time. Shooting while leaning to the left or right is not quite as easy. The Marine I mentioned (trust me this guy has seen plenty of combat) also ran sims with me during part of the training. Neither of took one shot during any of the sims. As a side note, I also scored 95, 97, and 97 on the range. Ironically, the people who shot best were all the people who either have a good amount of firearms experience, or actual combat experience. The two military personel that shot poorly were people who were not combat personel (an engineer, and a medic, not a field medic either). Were there people who shot barely well enough to pass? Unfortunately, yes. Just like the physical training test. There were a number of us that scored 90% or higher, but there were also many who barely passed. If anyone wants to make a difference in the quality of LEO on your streets, petition your local FOP, politicians, etc... to raise the standards at the academy your LEO receive their training. I know that the instructors at my academy were already pushing the raise the standards.
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