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  1. I don't know have one I can trade, but Dave's Metal Works makes quality products. I know from personal experience. Check out their website. http://davesmetalworks.com/ They have the extension for about $75. I know this does't get you the short tube, but it's a start. I would check out their site to see if the bulge is acceptable or not, but at least it's a US made affordable +2 extension. It looks like the bulge may be just a little to big to fit the barrell over, but you might email them to be sure.
  2. What kind of tactical slings are used for various weapons and what is recommended? I am looking for recommendations on type (1 point, 3 point, etc) and manufacturer. I know some of this is dependant on preference. Does anyone here carry both a rifle and a shotgun simultaneously with tactical slings, and if so what combination of types are used, and what works and doesn't? Does anyone have any recommendations or insight into this idea? Any comments, ideas, or experiences are appreciated. I would like to be able to carry multiple weapons with the benefits of a sling, but I am wonderin
  3. Anyone else have a ton of rounds through their M4, M1, or M2, that would care to share about their experiences, any wear and tear, or parts failures? Any additional information would be appreciated!
  4. Apparently these barrels are recalled / considered defective, with possibly the risk of shattering with heavier loads. There is another post on this forum that explains the low recoil barrels in detail. I would search for that. Having read it, I would not recommend getting one at all.
  5. 11k is great! I really appreciate anyone who has put large numbers of rounds through to tell of their experience; and let's be honest, 11k is a lot. Thanks also for the link to the thread with posted pictures.
  6. I am glad to hear that the reliability is so incredible with the M4! I realize the most likely failure part of the equation is user error, which is good to know. Does anyone else have any experience with a part failing or simply being worn down on the M4? Does anyone have an M4 that has extensive use (such as 20,000+ rounds) that would comment on the condition of the M4 and parts as well as any signs of wear? Thanks to all the M4 and Benelli owners out there for your knowledge and experience!
  7. Hello All, I am new to this forum, so I apologize if I have asked a question that has already been answered somewhere else. Before asking, though, I spent a few hours searching without success to see if it has been answered already. What parts are the most likely to fail or need replacement on an M4? I would like to know what parts might be a good idea to have on hand ahead of time. As I understand it, the M4 is incredibly reliable and is unlikely to have a failure or need replacements due to wear. I am simply trying to plan ahead. Maybe another good question would be what
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