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  1. You still have it i'll take it. Please let me know.......correspodence shonsmail at gmail com

  2. BTT....as potential buyer could not get a CLEO signature. This gun is less than year old and maybe 50 rounds through it. $1800
  3. Sorry, price change in original post.
  4. Wish I could say but I promised him that I would not give out his info as he does not want to do this type of work on a regular basis. Too much time and effort.
  5. LOL!!! It a bad MO-FO and hate to part with it, just got to get some funds for another project and it’s my sacrificial lamb!!!
  6. Excellent condition (basically LNIB) Benelli M4LE with a professional shortened/ported 14" barrel. Pics tell the story. Also included is a FAB Defense HG/Rail modified to work properly, extended bolt handle, meprolight Night Sights. Very accurate with 00 buck and rifled slugs. This is a SBS and all NFA rules apply. 100% funds up front to start transfer and buyer is responsible for all transfer fees, taxes, and shipping/insurance. $1700 + shipping and insurance
  7. Just make sure when you tilt the gun up and down, you can hear the pistons move freely.
  8. Factory M4 Benelli (2 port) Barrel, Test Fired 5 rds Only - $575 shipped CONUS ****SPF***** Factory M4 +2 Extension NIW - $325 shipped CONUS *****SPF***** Full Length Tube (SOCOM) - $100 shipped CONUS *****SPF***** Additional Pics --- http://s51.photobucket.com/albums/f382/M60-E4/Benelli%20M4/M4a/
  9. I just used a dremel and 5 minutes of my time and it works prefectly.....
  10. Back To The Top With Lower Price
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