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  1. You are right. Too much caffeine tonight!! Thanks!!
  2. Excuse me for jumping in here but I just want to say that Dave's products are top notch (AMERICAN MADE!) you will not be disappointed. And he's a great guy to deal with. Personally why anyone would spend more (X3) for an extended tube when you can get Daves for $70 is beyond me.
  3. TacticalShotgunner.com has a couple of different ones. Anybody have any feedback on these?
  4. Anyone have the 8-shot? Looks like it sits pretty close to your face.
  5. This one is the closest to an actual OEM full length tube IMO, works perfect, looks correct and it's priced right. http://www.davesmetalworks.com/
  6. Damn, busted again! http://i712.photobucket.com/albums/ww125/joker42179/115356.jpg
  7. Took a new M4 to a indoor range to break in. Had to use #7.5 shot, but it was 3.07 dram / 1250 FPS. I ran 250 rounds through it with no problems cycling as long as it was braced into the shoulder but it FTF quite a bit when point shooting from the hip. All the same ammo and lubed well. Anyone else experience this?
  8. What material is the VooDoo made out of? 5.11 and Eagle (the benchmark in my opinion) all list their material - 1,050-denier nylon, Cordura etc.,
  9. I have heard that example described as a BATFE f**k up, but I'm not convinced. I still have this gut feeling that it's almost some sort of "gentlemans agreement" between Benelli and the BATFE. Kind of like Oakley and their "Tactical sunglasses" line only available to the Military BS. I know that sounds weird though.
  10. Roger that, thanks! On another note it looks like my original premise is inaccurate. Unfortunately I have found 2 BATFE documents that directly and indirectly seem to state that importing shotguns with magazine capacities of more than 5 rounds is indeed still prohibited even after the September 2004 Assalut Weapons Ban expiration. The bizarre thing is that it does not seem to differentiate between semi-auto and pump!? Could this possibly be something American gun manufactures lobbied for to protect their own business interests, and corner the tactical shotgun market? Sounds crazy. Wh
  11. Again no offense to anyone but, the reason I posted this was that I have researched this subject in many forums and websites and this forum seems to be the only place where quite a few people still feel that putting a 7 round tube on a M4 is in violation of 922r. I mean there are guys writing the BATFE for "clarification" and others hand fabricating pistons in their garage for crying out loud. I just don't see that it's gray. Seems pretty obvious to me that you don't have to replace anything extra at all to be 100% legal. Anyway...or as the kids say "whatever", good and safe
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