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  1. is the 14" barrel with ghost rings still available?
  2. Daves Metal Works make the best mag tube exts in my opinion. I only buy his as well as OEM Benelli.....they are both on par with each other. Fit and finish on Daves stuff matches Benelli gun finish very well.
  3. will this barrel fit M2 Tactical?
  4. I have run all the options that you are considering for your M4. My keeper is the B&T quad rail. Have one on my M4 CQB and one on my M4 Tactical. These are the best rails going bar none. Mako/FAB is junk,but looks good...Sidearmor is OK but no provision for vertical grip. Surefire M80.....so so. Fit is not that great on the M80 and have had issues with it interfering with piston operation. I have since sold off the rest and kept the best.......B&T all the way brother!
  5. Negrin

    Surefire Overkill?

    have to show this.....if you gotta show me that.......lol
  6. yes...tango down quick release. very solid to shoot with. one of the best vertical grips made.....and i have owned them all......lol. here is another pic showing the surefire tac light set up:
  7. Negrin

    Surefire Overkill?

    i like it....you should,however, move the m900 ahead abit like the other pic shows. this will allow you better control of the weapon in rapid fire.
  8. here is "how i installed" mine.......lol, (i like to show off too)
  9. put a rail on the receiver top and run a red dot. go with a DOC Optic, Trijicon RMR, etc.........mind you, you will pay about the same as what you paid for the shotgun for these optics....
  10. you may possibly have a rifled slug barrel on yours. Most Super Nova Tactical s with rifled slug barrels came with the barrel mounted iron sights not ghost ring sights. Check to see if you have the rifled slug barrel. These shotguns were made mainly for the deer hunting crowd that like the tactical look....not really intended for LE/MIL service though. Some guys like these for home defense though.
  11. $60 shipped?........I will take it. PM me with Paypal info and I will reply with mailing address Thanks
  12. no instructions with any of my B&T stuff.....and I have tons! Intended for Police/Military armourers who should have enough on the ball to figure this stuff out....lol. Very easy to install all their quad rails (SIG 552, M4, G36C,etc,etc). I did not let the spacer block on the M4 rail touch my barrel though....didn`t want it to scuff the finish if I decide to remove the rail at some point. the spacer block is the little block with the chamfer that matches the barrel profile. It is mounted using a small screw to the inside bore of the quad rail. Used to stabilize the rail with contact on b
  13. Brugger and Thomet M4 Quad Rail is the way to go. I have two of these on my M4`s and they are the best! I have tried Surefire M80 as well as the Mako/FAB rails......prefer the B&T by far.
  14. I called Dave today and placed the order by phone. Yes...he is great to deal with. As I already have several of his products in my collection, I can say with confidence that his stuff is top notch. Thanks again for the phone number! Cheers.
  15. Negrin

    benelli nova

    here you go; http://surecycle.com/store/pc/home.asp Quality and finish on par with OEM Benelli. Get the plus two (5.5") This will bring the mag tube up flush with the barrel muzzle for a nice look.
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