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  1. Looks just like that 18" barrel only 4" shorter. Shoot me an email and Ill try and get you some pics. If you want some references lmk and Ill get them to you. TIA
  2. Is there a lack of interest for these or are the prices off base?
  3. Have to defer to the experts on that one.
  4. Hello, have a bunch of friendly local FFL, great transfer fees, but I have to do all the legwork. That said which wholesaler has the best price and availability for the M4? And what am I looking for price wise. MOst gunbroker ads are in the 1500 range. Missed out on a ftf deal a few weeks ago for $900 from a guy that neded money.
  5. WTS brand new factory Benelli M1S90 14" entry barrel. $450 for std sights, $500 for ghost. Thanks.
  6. WTS a brand new factory M4 +2 mag extension. It is brand new but has been opened from the original packaging but still have it. $200 + shipping.
  7. I boguth 10 of these from Numrich and now only have two left. $250ea + shipping.
  8. The 2 shot tubes are extensions that screw on. The full length tubes are just that. You have to remove the existing tube and replace with the proper full length one. I have a full length factory tube for $250 if your interested.
  9. It doesnt help matters that Benelli does not even have a part # for these. Im still working on it but it doesnt look promising on my end.
  10. In anticipation of buying an M4 and to free up some funds Im selling the last few full length factory mag tubes I have for $250 ea. Considering what they have been fetching online, and that an american tube will cost you $200 + an unknown wait I think $250 is pretty fair. Shoot me an email or PM if you are interested. Thanks.
  11. PM sent. [ 10-04-2006, 05:00 PM: Message edited by: keller ]
  12. Ill sell you all the tubes you want at $300ea. [ 10-04-2006, 05:01 PM: Message edited by: keller ]
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