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  1. To all those Lucky enough to have gotten hold of an Urbino Stock for there M4 ... Could you kindly comment on your thoughts in regards to the ability of me to use a previously purchased Single Point Sling Adapter with the new Urbino Stock ... An Example to this would be shown in the following link: http://www.botachtactical.com/kzbem42slad1.html This will help me further decide if I shall keep with the Stock or go with the Urbino ... as I am a fan of the Single point attachement ... Thanks, Dr. Or
  2. Hey there, I just installed a single point attachment (By KZ) ... but I assume the steps are similar ... Once you have the stock removed .. Remove trigger assembly and unscrew counterclockwise ... you should be able to simply slip the mount on an reattach all parts ... Could you specify more clearly what the problem is ?? Good Luck, Dr Or
  3. Hey there, Sorry for the Rookie questions ... but in an effort to install a single point sling plate ... I was in the process to removing the stock (One piece) M4 stock ... I was able to remove both the Recoil pad and the stock retaining nut ... but am unable to remove (Much reach) the stock retaining plate .. Any suggestions ?? I tried to pull it off with my fingers / To use a rubber mallet to vibrate it off. I was hoping to do as little damage as possible. Thank you for your time and insight, Or
  4. Hey there fellow M4 owners, As I am both new to this site, and I need M4 owner ... I turn once more to the "Group mind" for answers that guide my selection in regards to customizing new M4 ... so here goes ... I seek to opt of the 7+1 option but am unclear as to the advantages of selecting a Magazine extension vs the Full Length Tube option ... I am steering towards the Freedom Fighter Tactical brand ... but other than a sleek look ... and the added price (NOT a major issue) ... is there a mechanical advantage or any other issue that I do not seem to appreciate ... (BTW ... I will have to do the install myself ... as I have yet to find a gunsmith Savvy with Benelli's in the greater Seattle region)... Thanks for any insight / input / pointers /guidance that you may provide me ... Dr Or
  5. Hey there, I am new to both the Benelli forum as I am the proud new owner of a M4 (Purchased from Cabela's) ... My first of manyyquestion to all those in the know is in regards to the selection of a Foregrip / rail system : Cost is not a issue ... but the fact that I am adding a Mesa Tactical shell carrier and weight is ... I am debating between a Fab Polymer 4 rail vs. Surefire M80 vs. B&T quad rail I have surfed the forum .. but have found no direct posts that compare these products directly ... Any insight / experience would be appreciated .. Thanks, Dr Or
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