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  1. Does the KZ have the round carrier built in as a standard? Is that what makes it heavier? or can you just slap the forward portion on by itself and avoid the extra weight? Looks like the top rail is mandatory for a proper mounting too? The surefire comes off pretty quickly and easily.
  2. yeah, I mainly have it for the vertical grip on the front, but wanted a siderail option for a light if I ever had a hankering. I use an aimpint on the top rail so a quadrail in my opinion would only help me not burn my hand since it covers about 6 inches of hot barrel. Most of the guys on here are jedi's with this system who know better. But any way you look at it, the M4 is a heavy creature. I cant imagine putting anything like mesa on it for quick reload. I would use a bandolier.
  3. I am curious why there is such a big rush for the M80 now? I personally found it to be well made, however if you ever flip the weapon over, or at an angle to load it while its a hot barrel, you burn yourself or can melt gear. I realize youre better served loading with the left paw, but sometimes I use my right (out of habit) and will burn or melt my thumb/glove. At least thats my experience as a novice shotty user. It offers no top protection, which is why I was thinking a KZ Quad may solve that for me. Anyone have experience with both?
  4. I have one (used) but its in perfect shape. I want to swap it out for a KZ Quad. PM me if you are still looking.
  5. Hey Hookster, Hows your 16 doing? werent you working on getting a full size M1a too? I just ordered my Sage EBR and it should be here in a few weeks (I got the Mod 0) I also got a new muzzle break from Battle Comp on its way. What was the scope mount you got again? I was looking at the Titanium Sadlak, but remembered you had a different selection that looked pretty solid, so I wanted to ask again. Hope you're good buddy.
  6. I was running into similar problems, and just finished putting it on. The Blue Loctite that was on the buttstock bolt was so cemented on the threading, it took me 30 mins alone with some dental tools and Nail Polish remover to get that crap out. Then I had issues dropping the trigger group back in no matter how square things looked. I had to get in there with a steel punch and hammer and tap the corners of that sucker until I basically reshaped the edges of the GG&G Sling Loop peice so I could put the group in there deep enough to replace the Set screw and lock it in. What a PITA.
  7. I would take the 3 that I own: M1A Scout (with Sage EBR Stock) My Benelli M4 Springfield 1911, fully loaded. with my K-Bar as the cherry on top. I would be one slow moving deadly individual, ha ha.
  8. haha. Skeeter........where did you get that picture of Rosie?? Did you ever get an M1A?
  9. I live in Kommiefornia. Most officers would put 2 in my grape on sight if I had mine literally "Riding Shotgun" with me that way. But im sure a SWAT Team would be dispatched and I would have my weapon(s) confiscated and locked up. This state only cares about the homeless and illegals.
  10. For my every day use I have an Automatic Gerber D.M.F. Its a pretty solid peice of gear. But you can never go wrong with a nice solid K-Bar either. Which is my Field blade.
  11. Sounds like you figured it out, but definitely lean into it with more authority and keep it in the meaty pocket of your sholder off the bone. Hold it like you own it, and try not to be so "offhand" with it. Have fun.
  12. Ha, you had better luck than I did. My last Girl was shell shocked from her first clip out of mine. I forced her to shoot another 80 rounds to get the poison out. Broken nail, bleeding hand and all. ha ha. I have a SA Fully Loaded 1911. I guess its both my first and last line of defense depending on how fast I can get to my other weapons.
  13. You sure you can hold that thing straight? look's like you're gonna fall backwards. I got a .45 as well. True Peace maker.
  14. No Dog for me. I live in a Secure building on the 4th floor. My condo has 3 points of entry where I can see you coming before you see me. Only thing that can get in here is a Ninja, or super zombie. And even then: I have weapons stashed at strategic points to cover 2 of those points at all times to fight my way to the next ammo dump/weapon. When the Zombies finally come.........I can kill about 1000 then jump off the balcony to the city below using their corpses as cushion.
  15. So, it appears that the best features on here are the built in cheek riser, and the QD Sling Swivel at the bottom right? Forgive me for asking, but how much "shorter' is this stock from the standard model? I have a padded cheek riser on mine, and was originally considering this one for the Sling option. I believe GG&G has a different sling mount coming out for the M4, but havent checked in awhile. Anyone care to add to my dimestore synopsis and fill in the blanks? Thanks
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