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  1. No kidding, I dont know why theres such a large sight on it. Its ridiculous IMO
  2. The front bead sight on the SuperNova is a bit big for my liking, I prefer the smaller diameter like on the SBE2. Are they interchangeable? If not I can always order a brass bead from Brownells... Thanks in advance!
  3. Now that one can finally buy items from Benelli's website, I was looking for a pistol grip/steady grip stock for a SuperNova and can't find one. I'm assuming its interchangeable with another gun and is not labeled for a SuperNova?
  4. http://cdn5.thefirearmsblog.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/picture-8-24.jpg LMAO that pic is just great!
  5. I see, so my search for a reliable review of Cold Steel still continues onward!
  6. Sounds like a decent idea, it would have kept me from posting an off topic topic here As for your choice of knives, how do you like that Cold Steel? I've read some interesting reviews of Cold Steel products, people using them as pry bars and such with no damage at all, some really unbelievable stuff. Do you think the quality is up there with these kinds of reviews and stories I've read, or is it just that, a story? It has me interested, but not sold on a Cold Steel.
  7. Assuming most of you out there are not only avid shooters, but hunters as well. And along with the fun part of sitting and waiting and enjoying nature comes the work along with it. When things get a little messy, what gear do you reach for? Any specific knife you favor over any other to clean your game? If so, what is it? I'm just a little curious about the different things people use to do the same job. While some people use their everyday pocket knives, others will go out and spend literally hundreds on one or two knifes and both do the same job. **** I even know a guy that likes to us
  8. Its not a problem, just mount your sling and be happy. I have a sling on mine, after 3 or 4 seasons of using it I havnt seen any damage to the end cap. Scrapes, scratches. rubs, nothing.
  9. Sorry to say, but yes, you do need a different forearm. I bought mine a few years ago, set me back 120 bucks. That was for Advantage Timber HD, or what ever the camo is called... Not sure if the price is different now or if you have the plain black synthetic.
  10. My comment had nothing to do with your words towards M1014, they were based upon your posts in the other thread (WTB Benelli M1014 / M4 Super 90) where you were picking on the new guy. This thread just opened up a place for me to post something about it, nothing more. I did assume that due to the excessive amounts of posts that both you and M1014 have that you have been around each other on the forums and understand each other fairly well. Your relationship, if you will, with M1014, or any other senior members could* differ from someone new and asking a serious question. (I have the * th
  11. CWP147

    Loading the M2

    I had the same issue with my SBE2, I read the instruction book and just starred blankly at it trying to understand it. Never did, its not logical the way they say to do it. Anyways, I have had no issues with loading my SBE2 just the way you mentioned. The same way I have loaded any shotgun I have shot before.
  12. Is it just me, but is that all you do is try to talk trash and instigate issues? Were all here for the same reason, for the love of guns and the shooting sports, to share knowledge and expand our minds and acquire new information. But all I've seen you do is put people down and talk trash about everyone else opinions and thoughts...
  13. I got a new forend for my SBE2 at an authorized Benelli dealer that I found off of the website. I would assume any authorized dealer would be able to get what you need with out a problem.
  14. The way I have always done it is make a snowman out of it, so to speak. Mid bead under the fiber optic front sight. Its always worked for me. The only issue I have with my SBE2 is the mid bead is slightly off center on the barrel, its a hair to the right. So just shoot your SuperNova and get used to the sights, thats the best advice I can give.
  15. What customizations did you do to it? You can any pics of it?
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