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  1. I ran a box thru mine yesterday to get more familiar with it and found that for me it works best to more or less ignore the mid bead and use it for a cant reference point with it "stacked" below the front bead. I shot both stationary and moving clay birds; when moving it worked best to hover the bird right at the top of the front bead (with proper lead), and stationary birds I put "center mass". I patterned it a couple times as well, both swinging and stationary to see how various swing rates and such affected POI. I guess what I'm saying is go out and shoot; I'm new and know very little, but I'm having a blast (no pun intended).
  2. Thanks for all the insight, its been helpful. I changed the drop and cast (left-hand shooter) right out of the box and it falls with the mid bead right at the base of the front bead everytime. I guess I was on the right track after all. I plan on doing a lot of "research" with my motley crew of friends on clay birds and such, if its only an excuse to go out and have a day of fun. Thanks again for all the info. p.s. I can't believe I waited so long to buy a Benelli.
  3. Hey folks, I finally got the Supernova I've been drooling over. I have a question that will probably get a chuckle or two; anyway, where should the mid bead be in relation to the front fiber optic bead? Dead center, touching the base, or is this gonna be a personal fit issue I'll have to do some pattern testing to find out? I guess what I'm really looking for is a good jumping off point for finding the proper drop. Thanks for any and all opinions or suggestions.
  4. I plan to add an Easy Hit bead to my Supernova soon and was looking for some opinion on the exact version that would be best for all around shooting. I've been to their website and looked for myself, but can't decide. Its down to either the medium length "Shooting Bead" or the longer "Sport Shooting Bead". I'm also trying to pick a diameter as well. I, myself would think the longer bead on the 26" barrel would give an excellent sight picture. Any and all comments and opinions welcome.
  5. I know the Supernova is the next shotgun for me, shot one and fell in love with the general ease of use and the smooth action. My question is: Will the 2 inches of difference between the 24" and 26" barrels make any noticable difference when predator/coyote hunting? I realize that the choke has more to do with pattern and density than barrel length but feel its better to ask than to be unhappy with my new purchase. Thanks in advance for any advice or opinions. Case
  6. I have a question that I haven't found adressed as of yet (of course I'm a little blind sometimes). I'm somewhat new to the shotgun as a hunting tool; I've used used a Mossberg 590 as my HD weapon of choice, and on a few occasions to dispatch problem animals . I know that the Supernova is the shotgun for me, shot one and fell in love. My question is: Will barrel length make much difference when predator/wild hog hunting? I plan to use it as an all around gun and will be in some tight brush sometimes which leans me in the direction of the 24" barrel, but I don't want to limit my ability to take extended shots at coyotes and such. I realize the choke has more to do with it than anything but it nevers hurts to ask. Thanks for any advice in advance. Case
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