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  1. struct

    Shim Kit Question

    Well i decided to put the lettering on the steel pate facing towards the butt pad, with shotgun pointed towards the floor, guess ill find out soon enough if this was correct, i'll let you guys know if i mess up recoil spring tube or not, once i fire it a few times
  2. struct

    Shim Kit Question

    I`m trying a different shim, cause shotgun shoulders a little low, it was setup on shim B-DX Im trying shim A-DX. I`m on the last step now, where it tells me to face the last steel shim inside the stock lettering towards the butt plate, do they mean butt pad ?
  3. twowheelhooligan, i`m very new to shotguns, I know how to shoot irons sights from a rifle or scope, even your old 870 shotty, but this 2 bead system has me confused, now i don`t shoot much, and was hoping on a 'simple answer', but this gun is a supernova and shoulders perfect to me, and i haven't messed with the shims at all, this being said, maybe you or someone else can better answer my question, I only shot 3 rounds threw my gun, once with a number 2 lead to see if it would fire, and twice at a moose with slugs about 50 yards, now I missed the moose completely, and i think i may have been shooting to low, but i`m unsure, thus im not sure if the mid bead should be stacked over or under, as i use it center which never worked, also keep in mind in a Canadian, so im unable to shoot in my back yard
  4. Very nice setup gdiazdetuesta, love it!
  5. Can we have some more insight about this, I read somewhere else that the small mid bead should be on top of the front red sight, now i`m hearing the small rear bead should be under the red sight, can someone else confirm if the small rear bead should be stacked under or over the front red sight
  6. I really appreciate all your help, and thanks for checking man, my mind is at ease thanks to you!
  7. Also I was under the impression these supernovas bolts 'lock steel to steel' with the barrel, so I was very surprised it see the barrel pop off after unscrewing the cap when the action was fully closed
  8. Hello gdiazdetuesta, thanks for the quick reply, do you have any thoughts on my second concern, with the forearm wanted to spring back slightly as soon as I close it and remove my hand, it will spring back ever so slightly, even if i point the gun downward, which then results in a very fine gap in the bolt and its housing, is this normal ?
  9. I have some concerns about my new supernova, when I remove my barrel, I dont have to bring the action / forearm down at all, the forearm can be all the way up, and action closed, i just remove the screw cap and the barrel just 'pop's right off as if it was on spring, also there is some play the forearm, when its up and action is closed, it wants to push/spring down the forearm a half a centimeter or so, which results in a small gap in-between the bolt and its housing, is any of this normal? I have shot only 3 rounds so far, with no noticeable problems
  10. Help new m4le owner

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