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  1. Hobbs

    M2 Forend movement?

    Thanks for the response. Makes me feel a ltittle better about it.
  2. Hobbs

    M2 Forend movement?

    Thanks for the response..I guess that is normal for it then if others do it too. I really do not notice it while shooting but did find it a bit odd.
  3. When my Benelli M2 is fully assembled the forend has some movement. It does not slide forward or backward but it does shift or rock from side to side a bit. I am new to the benelli line and use to a tight fitting forend on a Browning. Should the forend move like this?
  4. Hobbs

    Loading the M2

    Thanks all, I figured it had to be simple...
  5. Hobbs

    Loading the M2

    It may be just me and because I have never owned a Benelli (glad to say i do now). The loading instructions in the manual seem to be confusing with the idea that anyone would want to pull the bolt back and without it in the locked open position try to feed in a shell to the chamber with the other hand all while trying to hold the gun safely. Can't I just do the following and make it much simpler? 1. Press the small silver lever on receiver 2. Pull the bolt back until it locks in the open position 3. Place a shell in the receiver/chamber 4. close bolt by pushing round button on side of receiver 5. Load 2 more shells into the magazine Would this process allow for proper cycling of all 3 shells when fired? Thanks
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