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  1. johnnywitt


    Yeah Leftie this place is right up there with ARFCOM on the brutality scale.
  2. johnnywitt


    More than I'd like to admit, Sarge.
  3. johnnywitt


    Just to make sure Leftie. Its the recoil tube that runs inside your buttstock. That's what you cleaned, right? Not the magazine tube. Just trying to help you get your gun running Buddy.Dorked up gun will really make you crazy till you get them dialed in. A lot like Women really.
  4. johnnywitt


    Leftie, are you shooting 3dr. 1 1/8oz. loads? That's the minimum powder/shot weight for that gun if it's a 12ga. Next, have you cleaned the recoil tube out. If everthing is clean and lubricated, this is probably what is going on. Spray the recoil tube out with non chlorinated brake cleaner till you see it coming out clean and then let it dry. Then hit again with a Blast of lubricant (about a 2 second blast). I like Eezox because it dries and doesn't attrack residue, but Rem Oil, or anything else like Breakfree will work, even the Benelli CLP that comes with your shotgun (It will be harder to get it in though). Try this before you send your shotgun back, Leftie. Let us know how it works out.
  5. Yeah I was refering to the ones that Benelli sold. The now elusive Part # 70085. Cleeford, did you get my PM?
  6. Your the expert Mike, but I'm pretty sure that you can, under Federal Law, put a Benelli Mag tube or ext. on you M4. You just need to buy the Field Stock without the pistol grip. Mike, I DID put a disclaimer on the end of my post. Last thing I want to do is get one of my fellow gun owners in trouble with the Federales. Under Obama and with the new BATFE Director, they just might start enforcing 922r. After all, their real agenda is to take the effective weapons out of the hands of the civilian population, something they have been very effective in doing in your State. Here's what usually follows historically after citizens are debarred the ownership of EFFECTIVE weaponry: police state Noun a state in which a government controls people's freedom through the police Collins Essential English Dictionary 2nd Edition 2006 © HarperCollins Publishers 2004, 2006
  7. Well, I guess I was wrong.. But then, so was Benelli when they sold thousands of Telescoping Stocks. Why can't Benelli just do the same thing as FNHUSA? They would sell quite a few units that way. Nobody wants a "neutered" gun. You know, The Second has become a joke. What part of "shall not be infriged" is not clear.
  8. OK, here we go. Yes, I say 922r is an import law. Reference the FN shotgun that they import AND THEN add an ext. mag to, then sell to civilians. http://www.fnhusa.com/le/products/firearms/model.asp?fid=FNF005&gid=FNG002&mid=FNM0131 If you take bits of it out of context, you get the typical internet opinion that you can only put non imported extended mags, collasable stocks, ect on your gun. If you talk to 10 different ATF Agents you will get some that say yea and some that say nea. Some of them don't even know what the OAL on a rifle/shotgun has to be before it's a SBS/SBR. Or whether that measurement is taken with stock folded or open. But let's play devil's advocate here. You think that by putting an Americam Made ext mag on your imported shotgun then that's ok? What happened to the whole parts count thing. If your going to adhere to 922r as commonly interpreted by internet lawyers, then you are going to have to change quite a few parts. Btw, I wouldn't dream of putting ANYTHING on my M4. I sure as heck wouldn't put a barrel shorter than 18", or make my weapon shorter than 26" OAL (MEASURED WITH THE STOCK COLLAPSED/FLODED/TELESCOPED, ect. because that will get you 10yrs in Club Fed and a 250,000.00 Dollar fine. And Mike, I didn't just fall off the turnip truck with nthe whole firearms thing. I've been messing with NFA stuff for quite awhile. I am not a lawyer, so proceed at you own risk. Remember, this is the Agency that just convicted a guy for having a malfuctioning AR (the law specifically exempts from prosecution any weapon that is malfunctioning) and charged him with owning a MG. He's in prison right now. I've even seen target pistols double on occasion- not common, but it does happen. When it happens, the cyclic rate can be high enough that Joe Blow doesn't even really notice for awhile if its an intermittent type malfunction. So Mike, I see your an L.A. Ploice Officer: what was the story on the guy that they arrested at LAX with what looked to be legal firearms? I know that the Airport Police made the arrest, but figured you might know. I was Domiciled in LA till summer before last and I was afraid to take ANY of my guns into the People's Republic (I commuted to work from Texas and sometimes Utah, so no biggie). Place is waaaay changed from the place of my childhood and teenage years. Still a beautiful place though- just not for Gun Nuts like me.
  9. Steyr Scout in 376 Steyr. Now that's a cool rifle. I've always liked the Scout rifle concept that the late Col. Jeff Cooper touted. Pretty much have reload for that one though. Hey Tucker, no hard feelings, Huh. Have a good one. I might not always agree but I enjoy reading your posts.
  10. That's right, It's AN IMPORT LAW. You can't IMPORT a Benelli with the evil features. 922r was an Executive Order from 41 to keep the endless waves of cheap Chinese Semi AK's out of the Country. This is the same kind of bad info that people used to get if they wanted a transferable Machine gun, silencer, or any other NFA item. The so called gun guru's would tell you that the ATF could come in to your home at any time without a warrant and search the premises. The internet is full of bad info.
  11. Does this mean were not friends anymore.
  12. Excellent advice Leftie! You can also wear a padded shooting vest. Benelli definitely needs to come out with an accessory pad thats longer for the larger statured folks
  13. Do I sense some Hostility Tucker??? Man, all I was trying to do was help a guy make a choice that asked for advice, Jeez. So a cartridge designed in the 1950's to replace the 30-06 is an ancient cartridge. The .270 is just a necked down 30-06. .270 was introduced to the public in 1925. .308 was introduced in 1952. .270 has the same case limitation for feeding as the 30-06 because it doesn't have enough of a case rim for good puchase of an extractor especially in a semi auto rifle. Which is why the .308 case was designed with more of a case rim and more taper and also a thicker case at the rim, so it doesn't get ripped apart, like 30-06's did in hot M1's and in MG's. Also, the 30-06 and the .270 are long action cases. Why, because way back at the turn of the century- the one before last, the powders available were extruded and needed more case capacity to achieve the same velocity. Winchester/Olin invented ball powder for the .308 and it daoesnt need near the case capacity of a 30-06 or a .270 to achieve virtually the same velocity with 150gr'ish projectiles. It used to be that you needed 180-220gr bullets to kill larger game because the bullet technology wasn't so hot and the bullets would break up. Now, the bullet technology is so good that a 150'ish grain bullet will penetrate and stay together even in the largest North American game.I like short action actions, and like I said for a semi auto the .308 is going to be far more reliable than a 30-06/.270 for when your out in the cold, or in dusty crappy conditions. Also, if your worried about trajectory in an R1 that's not going to be used past about 300yards, what the ****. It's reliability and accuracy out to about 250yards that will serve the average hunter best. This is all opinion and I don't think that the .270 is a bad cartridge. I actually like the cartridge and who can knock an '06. It is one of the all time favorite cartridges. I know that your talking about the new WSM, but I believe that the case rim is the same, but I could be wrong. For someone to say that the .308 is an antiquated cartridge "is borderline absurd". There's a reason most Police snipers use the .308. It's supremely accurate and uber reliable. In addition, the .308 is far more inherently accurate than a .270. Lastly, the .308 cartridge is one of the most popular cartridges in the world by hunters. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.308_Winchester I'm sure some Policia Sharpshotters, or Military snipers will be along shortly to opine about the relative antiquity and ineffectiveness of the .308/7.62X51. Be careful kid, you'll shoot your eye out.
  14. Get a .308. That way you have a military/NATO caliber that was designed from the ground up to shoot in semi auto/full auto weapons. You don't need a magnum, unless you just want one.
  15. Looks like BETTER than OEM what with titanium parts and all. OEM Parts will always have a certain cache to them because of there difficulty in obtaining and ,well, there Benelli OEM Parts. Kinda like the people that don't think a West Hurley Thompson is a REAL Thompson, or the Colt Koolaid Drinkers that can't understand how anybody might CHOOSE to own a Noveske over a Colt. I'm going to sell my Benelli OEM Parts and buy the Titanium Mag tubes. Sounds like the Skeleton Stocks will be damn near as spendy as an OEM Collapsible though. At least, unlike the Benelli Stock at times, they will be available to purchase. Again, I'm glad that someone is stepping up for M4 Owners and making the parts people need to exercise their Constitutional Rights.
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