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  1. When Benelli told me they were coming out with an extension I decided against a local gunsmith "modification" and wait, so I bought a limbsaver pullover recoil pad to get a little more LOP. It works alright but with the angled Benelli recoil pad it doesn't fit all that well. I primarily use the gun for duck hunting so I usually have a lot of clothes on but I would still like to get the gun to fit better. It has been a great gun, I have never had a problem and I absolutely love it, I just wish I could get another 1 1/2" longer stock.
  2. Thanks lefty, but I need another 1 1/2" from the the longest pad they have. I inquired about 2 years ago and they said they were working on one. I was hoping they had came out with a way to increas the LOP, I am 6'8" with a 7' wingspan, I have about a 16" LOP
  3. Does anyone know if Benelli has come out with a stock extension to increase LOP on the SBEII? Thanks a bunch.
  4. I know this has been pounded here many times but I need a little help. I have my new SBE in Max-4 and it is the duck opener today. What is the best way to clean this gun. I hunt both fresh and salt water, even our fresh water is pretty brackish. I am pretty simple in my regular gun cleaning, my blued guns I spray them down with Rem-oil sometimes wd-40, wipe them down and call it good between complete breakdown cleanings. I don't want to hurt the dipped finish and I think this process may lead to decreased life of the finish. Any help is appreciated.
  5. bigreid

    LOP Extension

    I am getting my SBEII this week and need to extend the LOP to 15 1/2". I have talked with the guy in Michigan about it and will buy his kit if Benelli doesn't come out with one. Customer Service e-mailed me a couple months ago that one was in the works, has anyone heard anything?
  6. bigreid

    I did it!!

    I think I will make a game time decision, when if finally comes in, (which can take a while in Alaska) the answer will come from above! Hopefully I sell my trap gun before the SBE comes so I have a little capitol to justify the purchase!
  7. bigreid

    I did it!!

    BM, you hit it right on the head! We do have old couches, that "must" be replaces with leather couches. I also have 3 bathrooms to redo, shelves to build, and a house to reside. Well, I have managed to put those projects off for quite a while, another year I can pull off. Notice, I never mentioned how much the gun actually cost. Hopefully she won't ask or see the benelli motto. I am trying to liquidate some guns in order to cover some of the costs.
  8. bigreid

    I did it!!

    I think I am going to go with the old stand by, "I thought I told you I ordered that a while back, ...." We will see how that goes over!
  9. bigreid

    I did it!!

    There are two reasons, I have shot a 28" barrel since I was 12, and in the left-handed SBEII in Max-4 only comes in a 28" barel! I can't wait to get it! Now I just have to figure out how to tell my wife!!!!
  10. bigreid

    I did it!!

    I ordered my SBEII, max-4, 28", left handed. Now I need to extend the LOP. I have contacted the guy in MI and will probably buy his product. I have contacted Benelli and they said they are working on it, I would rather have a Benelli product once they get it designed, any word on that yet???
  11. I got an e-mail back from Benelli and they said they are working on an extension. Their first proto-type failed and are going back to the drawing board. Hopefully by mid-year they will have something. I wonder if they talked with the guy at all-sport-tech about his style. I haven't seen it yet but it sounds pretty simple. I bet it won't take long for the engineers to figure it out.
  12. bigreid

    The Refuge

    Thanks David for checking in. For you new guys coming to the forums, it really is a great place and a bunch of great guys, don't give up!
  13. bigreid

    The Refuge

    I am a moderator over there and let the powers at be know you all are having problems. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. Let me know if you don't get on in a week or so.
  14. Just got off the phone with All Sport, what a nice guy. I will be using his product once I get the gun! Thanks for the help GB!!! Adam
  15. Has anyone used the Sure Cycle stainless system in their SBEII yet? I hunt a lot in a saltwater environment and was going to put one in my SBEII when I get it.
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