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  1. Thank you very much! The picture helps tremendously.
  2. Thank you sir. I should have done a search before asking both questions but I did notice that there are a couple different spring sources. The wolf spring is news to me. I don't have a SBS M4 either it is the full 18". While I like the apparent multi -function of the AVA system I do not like the idea about the shadowing in all candor. Although, that is probably a small trade off for it's function and durability.
  3. I should have looked a bit before I initiated a thread because I saw your post on the AVA mount. A bit pricey but I like it and like how the mount is close enough to the end of the barrel so as not to cast a shadow. Thank you very much. Also, do you have a recommendation on a full length spring for the extended magazine I put on ? Are the ss ones from Brownells worth it or should I go with the Carrier Comp model? Thank you again
  4. Gentlemen, I have been conflicted as to where to mount a light on my M4(have an M3 also- suggestions?) and have determined to mount a light under the barrel on the mag extension, which I assume is possible. Does anyone have suggestions as to which rail and perhaps a light as well? While this sounds fairly basic, I am looking for the option which is lightest and least hassle in installation, yet durable to withstand the recoil shock. I have an Asgard Side Saddle on order, so weight is somewhat of an issue but not a deal breaker. Thank you
  5. Don't forget about the M3 S90. It is convertible and w/an OEM mag extension you can easily stack 7+1. It is fairly light too.
  6. waveone

    M4 Extension

    Actually, it may not be the problem b/c I just took the shells out and measured them. They are 2 7/16", plugged , not crimped. So I am still vexed as to why a full seven does not fit in the extension. The only part I changed out was the tube and the seventh round is about 3/8" of an inch too long.
  7. waveone

    M4 Extension

    Thank you for the clarification and illustrations black. Very helpful and I appreciate it sir.
  8. waveone

    M4 Extension

    You rock bro, got it. I've read what you have stated but did not realize the measurement applied to the fired shell as opposed to the unfired. The issue is exacerbated by the crimping on the end which I assume the standard Rem or Win are not. I do not have anything but factory the spring or follower in my M4 and wouldn't consider anything less frankly. In either case it seems that the 00 buck rounds are part of the culprit as much as brand then. Thank you sir
  9. waveone

    M4 Extension

    I thought about that,perhaps you are correct about the spring or follower. The shells are not Rios which seem to be longer than others. The shells I am using are S&B 00.
  10. waveone

    M4 Extension

    Have a full length extension which I bought several years ago from a member on this forum who was manufacturing them. Excellent quality but I am a bit irritated about the fact that I can only get 6 -2 3/4" shells in the extension when I was under the impression it was a 7 shell mag. Anyone else have this issue? Solutions?
  11. Ok, I'm cool with either. The question is what can is the cost? Clearly I have been a part of the forum for some time but post very little. Sorry for the questions but I cannot remember what I paid for the factory extension in all candor. I ma also curious to know if there is an adequate saddle for this weapon, like the sidearmor for the m4/. Thank you all again. I will check PM's if you care to send me one
  12. Just like the title states. Looking for magazine extension source. Looked back through archives but couldn't find a relevant thread. This is a bit embarrassing because I had one but lost the barrel, just have the spring and brace.thanks
  13. Per my PM, count me as an interested part too. This should be great.
  14. Great information guys thank you. THis is actually my second Benelli. THe first was the M3 that I still have. Unfortunately it is too difficult to find accessoties like saddles and so forth. THe m4 is much more common- or was. Anyway that said what type of sling and sight is recommended for this weapon? Obviously this might fall within persoanl prefernce but it is nice to hear what works for other folks.
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