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  1. I have a very lightly used (300 rds.) Surefire Model 80 M4 Rail Assembly including original box, instructions, Loctite etc. (like new) for $180.0 shipped USPS. I cannot get pictures to upload to the forum; if interested let me know and I will send you a few for review.
  2. Congratulations and welcome to the Club. My M4 is several years old. Once you break it in you should be able to reliably cycle 2 3/4 Federal value pack (100 rds.) 7 1/2 or 8 shot from Wal-Mart all day long. Give it several hundred rounds to break in. Too much is made of M4's not cycling lighter ammo, I have never had a problem and have a buddy with an M4 who hasn't either. Any 3 Dram load shod work.
  3. Thanks all I have an M4 for years now it runs nice in combat shotgun class and drills but not fast enough for competition. Just wanted to see what you guys thought..
  4. What are the pros and cons of running an M4 vs. an M2 in three gun?
  5. I remember researching this topic more than a year ago and finding a link to an FBI study, ballistics gel and all, it concluded that unplanted #1buck was best suited for home defense I have loaded it ever since.
  6. Where did you get the $50 price from? I find it hard to believe that the FFT rail will be priced at $50 since everything else they offer is not competitively priced in my opinion, followers, mag. tubes etc. The Surefire rail does ship free; mine did. http://www.opticsplanet.net/surefire-picatinny-rail-system-m80.html
  7. I have a surefire it is extremely well made and provides a rock solid fit. Like the M4 itself is not cheap. For my money there is little weight difference and the ability to add forward grip or another standard rail mounted device is nice; like on AR platforms. (Plus it looks great). I was unaware of the $50 price for the FFT forend and it is surprising since everything else they sell seems priced too high compared to other available options; e.g., you can get a Ti follower delivered for the base price of an aluminum one from FFT etc
  8. Why not go with the Surefire rail; it ROCKS, ships free with no Tax. FFT pricing seems steep, plus high shipping $9 for a $52 charging; I think not. They use to sell the charging handles for $39, a more realistic price in my opinion.
  9. I received my Urbino with the cheek riser and Limbsaver on Friday and installed it this weekend. For the most part the stock rocks especially at the price of $146 delivered. The 12 1/2 inch LOP is perfect for me at 5' 8", 160 lbs. The butt pad is buttery soft and really takes the kick out of 00 and slugs. The cheek riser is great if you have optics allowing you to adjust for the perfect cheek weld. Thanks the good news. Now for the bad. The grip really sucks! it is hard to get past the uncomfortable boxy felling and overall poor fit. It does not fit the Urbino particular well and is loosely glued in place. However there is a solution for those willing to do a little work. I removed both my OEM and Urbino grips and was surprised to see that the OEM grip fits the Urbino much better and tighter (no glue required) and gives you the original awesome Benelli feel we are all know and love.. FYI, the Urbino grip does not fit the OEM stock particularly well either. For the Urbino to have long term acceptance, I believe the grip needs to be reverse engineered to the Benelli factory standards and would hope that each of us who purchased the Urbino would be offered a no charge retrofit once it is available so we can return our grips to their original OEM stocks.. Cheers!
  10. I have considered Frontsite training on several occasions but am fearful of having to go through a time share like pitch on Scientology at some point during my visit. Has anyone who has been there ever had any type of a Scientology pitch while there?
  11. How did you get the Benelli grip off?? Mine seems rock solid, does it slide or screw off; pictures would help if you have any? Cheers!
  12. Sniper

    M4 C Stock

    The choice of optics is always highly personal. For a shotgun I find a 1X (unlimited eye relief) (rapid target acquisition) with a lit reticle to work best. I have used a BSA red dot (Walmart $30, hold zero nice) but now have an Eotech 517 Holographic ($380 E-Bay). I hear nice things about Aimpoints as well.
  13. Thanks for the photos Grizzman, looks nice. When you replaced the grip did you see a difference in the "boxy back" compared to the Urbino grip?
  14. Sniper

    M4 C Stock

    That is the Kips Ti Mag. tube. I have one as well; they are the finest made, flawless match to the M4 barrel. Don't even consider anything else.
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