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  1. Would like to talk to you about this weapon. [email protected] Put m4 in the subject line
  2. 2340......very well stated my man. I feel exactly the same way and that is the reason I started this string in the first place. Yet, I still haven't heard from anyone who has been through the course who can tell me what I need in the way of other equipment - knee pads, elbow pads....ammo carry pouches...etc...etc - which was part of the reason I started this. Can any one help us out here with the exception of the one fellow who I will contact this weekend. Thanks for the number my man.....
  3. Chuck_s.......Thanks for the ammo recommendation.....
  4. StrangerDanger......nice looking weapon!!!!...
  5. Striped1....again I ask, where are you coming up with this religious twist to the Frontsite training?.....I went and did a quick search just now and didn't find anything out on the net about any religious points to the training. Am I missing something here that is so obvious I havn't picked up on it yet?
  6. Rezarf....thanks for you advice.....and that is a very deadly looking tool you have there my man!....I like the looks of that alot.
  7. Sniper: Look, time for me to say something here. I have no idea who has been telling you that Frontsite is a Christian revival meeting. At least the one course last year about this time I went through wasn't one. Not even. I worked as a trainer in the Information Technology business for a number of years, and well designed and conducted training is noticeable. I was trained on long rifles in the Military but never hand held weapons until the four day Defensive Handgun course there last year. I went into that real uncomfortable because of my lack of knowledge and experience. But after
  8. Thanks for that advise about using the same ammo my friend....I will remember it.
  9. Hello Big Thunder Bob: Besides me, the ammo and shotgun, what else do I need to bring for the Tactical Shotgun Course at Frontsite? Do I need knee and elbow pads? What do you recommend for carrying the Ammo? I will be using a Benelli M1 Super 90 Tactical and have been warned about the side saddle carriers on those weapons. It there one best ammo carrying solution or do I need more than one for the various drills? If we can have a conversation off line (I haven't read all the freaking rules for this forum so excuse me if I am making a mistake in asking)? If so, we can do that a
  10. I don't care about the man's politics. The defensive handgun course I attended a year back was excellent. I thought I was ok with hand guns....what a foolish statement that was I can now say without being embarrassed about it. Anyone who has been to one of those will say the same if they are honest about it. I never carried before going to that course and I now carry all the time without a second thought.....safely. For what that is worth...
  11. Spoke with a man today at the gun show in Phoenix....told me I needed to get a reduced recoil internal set up for the Benelli. Anyone know about these?
  12. Check out gunsamerica.com lots of Benelli's there.....
  13. Will be going through that course soon with a M1 Super 90 Tactical. They tell me I need 300 rounds of Birdshot, 250 rounds of 00 and 75 rounds of Slugs over a four day course. Have any of you been through this course and if so what ammo vendors would you recommend? Been reading a lot about low recoil shell recommendations and I need to speak to someone who has been this course with a Benelli M1 through M4 for an ammo recommendation based on your experience.
  14. Can anyone tell me where I go to buy a set of Ghost Rings to mount on my M1 Super 90 Tactical Shotgun as well as a gunsmith to mount them? I am in Pheonix.
  15. What state are you located in please?....maybe Arizona?
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